Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Disaster Dogs Updates-Summer 2017

This Site is Undergoing a complete update...

You can still find free dog training lessons on the lesson page & look right here-->>>>>>
See the dog grooming instructions for pet owners at the bottom of this page too !

Great News ! 

I have the Family Disaster Dog book available again ! July 2017

Self-published this time at a lower price without the middle man publisher too !

Only $3.49 and you get all the lessons plus this page sent to your reading device or computer. (90 pages)

Get the Family Disaster Dogs Ebook Here

Disaster Dogs book, eBook and lessons
The New Family Disaster Dogs manual with more lessons and pictures that show you how your family dog can help you in emergencies and disasters. 

The original printed edition of Family Disaster Dogs (Tate Publishing 2015-2016) is no longer available except as a limited edition from the author $9.99 via the contact page.

My Puppy Can Find Me - picture books-coming soon

Three Children picture book series, eBook, lessons 

Teach your children and family dog how to work together during emergencies.
You and your children learn what to do if they are separated from you or lost.
The whole family learns together how any dog can help find family members who are hurt or lost.

Use the Contact Page from the menu above to:

Get a signed original Family Disaster Dogs print edition from the author...
and to request more information !

(sorry to say, there are to many scammers to leave a phone number here, please use the contact form for a quick reply and to sign up for updates)

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Let's enable each family to respond

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