Santa Ideas

Give a Bug-out Bag for Christmas!

Dogs-Cats and Pet Owners Go-bag and Emergency Kits

The gift that saves!

Build & Buy your Bug-out Bag Here

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Choose your items below

Dog Saddlebags for Bug-out evacuation 

1. Med to Large Dog Backpack

2. Med to Large Dog Saddlebags

3. Service Dog Removable Back Packs

4. Dog in Training Harness with ID

5. Service Dog Harness with ID


6. Holiday Deals on Survival and First Aid Kits 

 Tactical Survival Bracelet for you or attach to dog bug-out bag


7. Survival Kit fits in Bug-out bags 

8. All-in-one Survival-First Aid Kit for Bug-out bags and sheltering in place or auto, work and home

9. Bug-out survival Water Filters and Bottles


10. Water Filter in carry bag-3 way reusable large capacity


11. Survival Go-Bag for dog owners-backpack 4 person

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Let's enable each family to respond

and do something while waiting for help

during neighborhood emergency and disaster incidents,

extreme weather and terrorist attacks.

Good Luck and Be Safe !