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K9 Coach

Train Your Dog At Home with my help!

Get Your Dog a Lifestyle Coach!

Dog Lifestyle Coach and DIY Dog Training Courses

Learn from a Professional

1 Hour Online or Phone Coaching Sessions start at $30.00 

or get a full course below

30 years experience 
Ask anything about dogs! 

    As your dog's lifestyle coach we spend an hour discussing any dog or puppy 

related questions you have

 We work with your dog together using phone or video chat

All Breeds 

Family and Working Dog Training, Grooming, Behavior and Manners

Breeding, Puppy Care, K9SAR


    Direct contact with me for any questions or help.

Courses Offered

Each course is set-up like a virtual classroom that you attend at your own pace

You have lifetime access

There are step by step sections with comment section, lectures, photos, videos,

case histories, dog stories, and more

Certificate upon graduation

A choice of 2 of my dog training eBooks 

Pick a Class to Get Started then Contact Me to Sign-up

1. Basic Obedience Course for All Dogs and Owners

Train your dog to sit, come, down, stay, heel and manners 

using positive praise and teamwork.

2. Family Disaster Dog Course

Learn how all Family Dogs Can Find Missing Family
Help Evacuate and Rescue Its Own Family
This course has 60 different lesson skills including 
Mantrailing, Tracking, Messenger Dog, Evacuation Dog, Service Dog and more... 
Any age breed size of dog can learn something to help its family survive!

Explore the Exciting World of K9 Search and Rescue 

 Introduction to Finding Living Persons for Sport and Volunteers 

Live Find K9SAR for Work and Cadaver with Dogs

All Training is to K9SAR Testing Standards
Step by Step Instructions to train a dog for fun and work
Get started in K9SAR or the Sport!
Plus: Handler Training 
How-to Start and Become Operational
Choose a K9 Specialty Below

3. Start Mantrailing for all breeds 

Step by Step Instructions tailored to your goals 

Mantrailing is gaining popularity as a fun activity and sport 

Not only for Search and Rescue

4. Search & Rescue/Recovery Dogs

Introduction to International Methods

K9 Cadaver HRD

Introduction to Finding Human Remains with dogs
Other scents Can Be used for Nosework
Includes handling long tracking leads and more.

Training Dogs and Owners since 1979

Using positive motivation, praise reward, proper leash handling

 and a love for the dog.

Simple step by step methods

Simple dog language

No fancy words to confuse the student.

Train by the Best to be the Best!

References upon Request!

Ask about in-person training 

Follow That Dog!

Email me for more info and to sign-up at
Message me on page or group
Twitter #URDogCanRescueU

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Welcome UK visitors to Family Disaster Dogs online!
Although I'm an American author and dog professional the worldwide web has given me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful folks who have contributed to the publication of my books. My New book "Start Mantrailing" features RRI North Scotland Search Dog on the cover and teammates in the book, plus American dogs. A share of the book price is donated in appreciation to RRI North Scotland K9SAR. Help us find missing persons with dogs buy a book or share the page. Thank you! My children's picture book has illustrations by UK cartoonist Scotty King. You can find the books at Amber Higgins Amazon United Kingdom author page Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Author Amber Higgins

Author Amber Higgins
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