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About Pets in Freezing Weather because it's Cold Outside for Furry Friends

About Your Dog or Cat in Freezing Weather

Is it to cold outside for my furry friend? 

While it is true that dogs and cats have fur coats that insulate them from extreme weather they can become stressed by the weather just like we do. Older, younger pets and animals that are kept in a heated or air conditioned home are especially prone to stress during extreme weather.

The amount of cold or heat an animal can take depends on the animal's internal comfort zone due to the environment they live in and not the breed of the animal.

My dogs outdoors  in play yard, Arkansas winter 2001

Animals have to acclimate to new climate changes and this means their body has to make internal adjustments and the body has to have time to get use to making this adjustment in order to stay comfortable.

If the body is not given the time to adjust to the climate changes then the body goes into shock like leading to hypothermia, this can happen quickly when the animal is working or slowly if the animal is resting.

All of a sudden you might find your dog or cat panting and unable to stand, they will get worst and can die if the temperature of the body is not brought back a comfortable level fast.

Either extreme reaction to the climate is treated the same. You have to reverse or bring the animal back from the extreme.

My Incredible Sue staying warm 2000

If pets are to hot, then you must cool them. If they are to cold, then you must warm them.
Primary Cause

Hypothermia can occur in any of the following situations:
1     Exposure to cold for a long time
2     Wet fur and skin
3     Submersion in cold water for long time
5      Anesthesia given for a long duration

Immediate Care
1     Warm some blankets on a radiator or in the clothes dryer with haste.
2    Wrap the dog in the blankets.
3    Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and place it against the dog’s abdomen. Do not use it unwrapped, as this will burn the skin.
4     If the dog is conscious, give him warmed fluids to drink.
5     Check the dog’s temperature every 10 minutes: if it is below 98°F (36.7°C), get immediate veterinary attention.
6     Once the temperature is above 100°F ( 37.8°C), you can remove the hot water bottle to avoid overheating. Keep the dog in a warm room.

Washee says " wear a hot in cold weather so body heat does not escape!

Read more in my other article

In “Dogs Left Outside In The Cold Have Died And Been Found ‘Frozen Solid’ Hilary Hanson wrote:
Animal welfare organizations are also seeing significant upticks in reports of cruelty. Detroit Dog Rescue said on Facebook Tuesday that over a period of three days, it had received more than 600 calls, emails and online messages about dogs in distress.
New Orleans station Fox 8 reported Tuesday that the Louisiana SPCA’s phones were “ringing off the hook” with reports of pets left outside in the cold. Indianapolis Animal Care Services said that it had received 264 calls about animals in the cold over New Year’s weekend alone and that the calls have continued to pour in, leading to response times that can be longer than a day.
The weather driving those types of calls is only supposed to get worse in the eastern United States, as a powerful winter storm continues to barrage the region with snow and temperatures that could shatter historical cold records in some areas.
Though many dogs enjoy playing in the snow, animal welfare groups note generally that if it’s too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for your pet to be outside for very long. If dogs are remaining outdoors for more than walks and bathroom breaks, Best Friends Animal Society notes that they need warm, insulated dog houses that are raised up off the ground and always have dry bedding. And if you care for outdoor cats who can’t be brought inside — like a feral cat colony — Alley Cat Allies has tips on creating winter shelters that can help keep them warm and safe. (Huff Post Thu, Jan 4 12:42 pm)

Leaving a dog or any animal exposed to harm is against the law!

Hartford, Connecticut, a dog owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. A young malnourished pit bull was found chained outside her home “frozen solid,” according to the Hartford Courant. Police said the deceased dog was malnourished and covered in feces.
Detroit Dog Rescue said a man abandoned a Pomeranian mix in a cage outside their facility during the night. It was so cold outside fleas stuck to the poor little dog that froze before being found.

A dog named Nanas found dead in Toledo, Ohio, curled up on the porch of a home after getting out of the house. “She was frozen solid,” Megan Brown, cruelty investigator with the Toledo Area Humane Society, told The Toledo Blade.

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