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Food Storage  Prepper's Guide to Food Storage

The Best Site for Medical Emergencies when a Doctor is not available along with herbal gardening and prepping for bug-out situations. Doc Bones and Nurse Amy

USA government website for how to prepare for a disaster or emergency  Get Ready Site

USA Government web site for protecting your Pet in a disaster or emergency Prepare your Pet

Lets Bring Them Home site for Adult Missing Persons Let's Bring Them Home

USA Office of Justice hosts an online Live Missing Person Database and Medical Examiners can post information about unidenified persons. Namus

Missing Person Database  persons missing list

USA Federal Emergency Management or FEMA  FEMA

Preparedness Planning for Home Health Care Providers Citizen Corps

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Center for Disease Control

Department of Health Emergency Planning Disasters and Emergencies

 Disaster Assistance Disaster Assistance

 National Weather Service National Weather

American Health Assoc Disaster Preparedness and Medical Response

American Red Cross Red Cross

Emergency Information for Citizens Information for Citizens  

Disaster News  Disaster News

Environmental News Network Environmental News

Local Disaster Response Organizations  Disaster Volunteers

World Wide Earthquake - Tsunami Locator  Tsunami

Tornado Tracking Site  Tornado Project

Volcano Monitoring Site  Volcanoes

Wildfire Maps and Dangers  Wildfire

Avalanche Center  Avalanche

Hurricane Center  Hurricane

Homeowners Insurance Reviews Disaster Recovery

Sadie from the Enriching Children Program found a great resource on Natural Disaster Safety

        Thanks Sadie and Rebecca! 

Learn about Tornado Preparedness with this Tornado Safety Guide

         Thanks Grace ! from 

Fire Safety for Kids...Sparky the Fire Dog Site
        Thanks Lisa !

Pet Burn Treatment at Burns: First Aid for Pets
        Thanks Lisa !

Keeping Pets safe during hurricanes-   Keep pets safe in Hurricanes
        Thanks Amber !

Make your home ready 

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster

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