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About Us

On the Anniversary of 9/11, 2011

The Family Disaster Dogs Blog Began

 to show you, the public...
How your family dog can come to your aid during a Disaster

About the Author and Founder of Family Disaster Dogs

Wrinkledpups George 
1976-2015, Amber Higgins raised dogs and worked professionally with dogs as an all breed multipurpose dog trainer, master all breed groomer stylist, AKC UKC Breeder, veterinary assistant, pet resort, kennel and grooming spa manager or owner. 

For about 10 years she specialized in all levels of certified Search and Rescue Dogs (1997-2006) while raising AKC Bloodhounds and German Shepherds.

Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds was home of Distinguished Expert level Mantrailing/Tracking, K9 Tactic certified AKC Bloodhound "Rea Valley’s Incredible Sue" who gained her degree at the early age of 18 months and "Blue Ridge Homer" who was retrained and re-certified for Search and Rescue work at 8 years old after 6 years with law enforcement. 

"Homer" holds a record of 27 lost person finds in Baxter county Arkansas with Sheriff Officer Master K9 Instructor Lt Ezra Roberts who was Amber's SAR mentor. Homer went on a number of searches with us and retired at 12 years old. He is the founding sire of Amber's wrinkledpups and redik9 bloodhound bloodlines.

Amber trained or certified to FEMA standards in Advanced CPR/Rescue Medical Response,Red Cross Disaster Response,Wilderness Survival, Cave Rescue, Urban and Rural Search, Swift Water Rescue with and without dogs 

Specializing in K9 Tactics at Distinguished Expert level in Multi-Purpose K9 Tactics including all types of detection dogs, bite dogs, Bloodhound Mantrailing/Tracking, All Breed Tracking, Cadaver and Air Scenting. 

A Special Thanks goes out to Lt. Ezra Roberts, BCSO and Carlos Parker MCOEM , MCSAR and Rea Valley FD for believing in us.

Amber's Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds were placed in homes with active Search and Rescue members and Sheriff's Departments in 14 US states, Canada and South America.

Amber currently writes about dogs and shares her home with 2 Family Disaster Dogs; AKC Bloodhound "Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham" and a Terrier Mix "Willie G" both of whom are featured in the lessons on Family Disaster Dogs. 

(2017 update both Daisy and Willie are watching over us from heaven and will live on here in cyber land. They taught Washee wolf to watch over me until we all meet again and she is a great FDD dog !) 

(FDD=Family Disaster Dog )

Amber taught pet owners and trained all breeds of dogs obedience, personal protection and manners, specializing in problem dogs or traumatized dogs and Search Dogs for over 35 years via private and group classes. 

She learned how-to professionally train and handle dogs to AKC obedience and confirmation show standards, groom and manage 100 plus dog business operations while working her first job as a teenager at Hawaii's largest show, boarding and breeding kennel (150 dogs) with 2 grooming salons. Along with time spent learning to handle trained protection and guard dogs at K9 of Hawaii kennel which housed over 50 working security dogs. 

Over the years, she has owned, raised and trained easily a thousand dogs including pups plus groomed professionally at least 30,000 pets 

(Groomers usually groom 7 to 10 dogs a day while working in salons 5 days a week equals 2600 pets a year-so be kind to your hard working groom :) we often count in dogs too..x amount of dogs to do today to pay the rent lol 


Rea Valley's Incredible Sue
Certified Expert Mantrailer

Practice with your family dogs and learn how to save your family, neighbors and friends in a disaster. 

Pictured below 
Amber Higgins working 5 month old Sambo who later went to 
work in SAR with his mate Sam in So.Calif and then Georgia USA 

Sambo and Amber 2000

In the Family Disaster Dogs book 

Available in paperback and Kindle 
click my name on the amazon book page to see all the books

You and your dog will learn 

How To

Find a Missing Person in rubble, woods or city settings

Train your Dog as a Messenger Dog -click for post

Prepare for Emergency

Dog Go-Bag and Bug Out Info click for page

Dog Backpacking for Disaster

Evacuate with Your Dog's Help Book click it

Other Dog Tricks for Assisting in Emergencies

and more...


All content on this site is copyrighted and based on the book 

"Family Disaster Dogs"

by Amber Higgins 

"Evacuate with Your Dog's Help-Updated Survival Bag List"

click and see it

The first of a Children's Book Series 

"My Puppy Can Find Me"

by Amber Higgins
UK Dog Cartoonist Helen "Scotty" King

Available here 2019 Waldorf Publishing click link

 Washee Thunderfoot Wolf 2016

All content is covered by USA copyright and trademark laws.

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Here's another good book for your preparedness library

Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook: Prepper's SuThe Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Preparing Emergency First Aid and Survival Medicine for you and your Family

Look for Family Disaster Dogs groups and page on Facebook for daily posts and please share our page and group too!

On Twitter follow @URDogCanRescueU

Be Safe


World Class K-9 said...

Many people enroll in group classes because they think it offers improved socialization and interaction with other dogs.

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Dog training school Auckland said...

Hey, you have a very nice site! Keep up the great work!

A.Higgins said...

Thanks very much!

A.Higgins said...

Your dogs look great, nice site. Thanks for the comment.

UK Visitors

Welcome UK visitors to Family Disaster Dogs online!
Although I'm an American author and dog professional the worldwide web has given me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful folks who have contributed to the publication of my books. My New book "Start Mantrailing" features RRI North Scotland Search Dog on the cover and teammates in the book, plus American dogs. A share of the book price is donated in appreciation to RRI North Scotland K9SAR. Help us find missing persons with dogs buy a book or share the page. Thank you! My children's picture book has illustrations by UK cartoonist Scotty King. You can find the books at Amber Higgins Amazon United Kingdom author page Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Author Amber Higgins

Author Amber Higgins
Click Pic to Visit my author page

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