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February 23 2018
Review by Mark Elliot on Facebook's Family Disaster Dogs page

Amber Higgins is an expert on the subject of disaster preparedness, in conjunction with pets (dogs, mainly), used in helping families achieve some measure of safety in the event of (God forbid) an emergency or disaster - large or small.

She's adept in the field of Search and Rescue (SAR), specifically K9 Search and Rescue. Having trained and used her own dogs, to search for - and find - missing persons.

 Her books are a compendium of knowledge, comprised of decades of experience and research, written in such a way that even the novice, every day pet owner will find immediate success.

My Puppy Can Find Me children's book

Review #1:
Review Rating:
5 Stars -

Reviewed By Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

My Puppy Can Find Me is written by Amber Higgins and illustrated by Helen “Scotty” King.

In this educational picture book, a child can learn how to utilize the family dog’s innate intelligence in a crisis situation. Dogs are naturally loyal to their humans, which makes it easy to teach children to use their pet's obedience training to help them during emergency situations. Each page of My Puppy Can Find Me reinforces the key points of a dog’s obedience in a fun way so that kids will easily remember that their furry friend can be a genuine hero. It is very difficult to think that the unthinkable could happen but children do sometimes get separated from their families. This picture book can help a child learn to keep calm, use their dog’s training, and wait for help to come.

I recommend My Puppy Can Find Me by Amber Higgins to anyone who has children and a family dog. Every page easily explains how important it is for a child to remain calm during a crisis because their dog can help them. I love how Higgins provided 'fill in the blanks' for a family dog’s name so that a child can clearly see that their dog can save them if they use the training exercises. The beautiful illustrations by Helen “Scotty” King are fun and interactive as they reinforce life-saving concepts of their pet’s ability to help them. What I loved the most about My Puppy Can Save Me is how Higgins made the story easy for early readers to comprehend.

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