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Friday, April 27, 2018

3 Dog Care Essentials Most People Overlook

If you want to make sure you are looking after your dogs as best as you can, then you will need to think about what you need to do in order to make sure that they are being well looked after at all times.

As it happens, there are a few key things which many dog owners overlook, and if you manage to do these then you will already be in the top percentage of new dog owners. But you can only make sure that you are doing the right thing by also researching what you actually need to do for each of these, so you should be sure to spend a little time looking into the ins and outs of these to see what you should be trying to him for. Let’s take a look at what they are, so that you can be an even better dog owner in no time.


Whatever kind of dog you have, you need to make sure that you are using some kind of grooming regime in order to keep the dog’s hair in the best possible condition. This is more important for some breeds of dogs than for others, but all dogs will benefit from at least a little tender loving care from time to time when it comes to their fur. The amount of grooming varies too, but the basic rules remain the same. Brushing at least once a week ensures that knots come out and that the fur isn’t causing any pain - while taking them to get trimmed every few months is good for their ongoing comfort and flexibility. Make sure you don’t overlook this essential, as it really does make a huge difference.

Nail Clipping
Your dog has nails just like you, and like you they would rather that they were not kept long at all times. If you are keen to keep your dog as comfortable and happy as possible, then you will need to think about what you are going to keep their nails in the best condition possible. As it turns out, getting some decent nail clippers from somewhere recommended by will be a great start, and once you have found the right ones you should make sure that you clip your dog’s nails at least once a month. This will reduce any unnecessary pain and make it easier for them to run around.

Mental Health

Your dog can suffer mental health issues like any other mammal, and you need to make sure that you are not allowing them to become sad or depressed if you are to really look after them as well as possible. It is actually relatively easy to ensure that your dog does not become depressed; mostly it’s just a matter of keeping them active and feeding them right - and showing them lots of love.

As long as you do that, they should be perfectly happy at all times and you can officially consider yourself a good pet owner as well. See for more on this subject.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Does Your Dog Need More Training?

Dogs are extremely obedient animals, even when they have a mind and personality of their own. Humans first domesticated them partly because of this fact, and it worked a treat coupled with how much we enjoy their company. And yet, there are a lot of dogs out there that misbehave from time to time, or a few times every single day, and usually it’s not their fault.

But a lot of people don’t realise this, and expect our beloved canine companions to learn how to sit patiently on their own. And whilst a very well trained and loving dog can help you find a lost member of your family, it doesn’t apply to every canine out there.

Maybe Fido Barks a Lot

If your dog barks a lot it could be for a variety of reasons, so the first step is to make you know what causes you to bark. Maybe it’s the postman, maybe it’s people walking past the house outside, maybe it’s even you! Either way, it’s time to convince Fido out of his habit, and make sure he’s a lot calmer when it comes to meeting new people and having his home ‘invaded’, even if you live there!

When Fido gets going, try to distract him, or teach him a counter behavior to make sure he gets into another habit. Of course you don’t want your dog to stop barking completely, it’s both a warning sign and a way they communicate, but it doesn’t have to be excessive either. So next time he’s outside and goes off, choose to ignore him to show you don’t appreciate his way of getting your attention.

Spot Seems to Have Selective Hearing

If your dog ignores you, it’s probably because you’ve accidentally reinforced this behavior before now. So you need to learn to undo this, and start to communicate with Spot on her level. And by that, you’re going to have to become a lot more visual with your movements and commands, and don’t talk as much as you used to.

Reward Spot when she does listen to you, and try to keep your verbal commands to a minimum if she doesn’t.

You Think Fluffy Has More Potential...

Fluffy is a good dog, and you know for a fact their talents could be put to better use elsewhere. So it’s time to enter a training program; this could be for a dog show or something more heavy duty, like that of being seeing eye dog or a hearing animal. If you go through a program like certapet to get an official certificate out the other side, your dog is going to be a first class service animal, and you’re never going to be more proud. There’s always a strict criteria, and don’t get put out if Fluffy fails it, it’s for their own good!

When you train a dog, you need to be consistent in what you show, and firm but fair with your commands. A dog always learns from us!

Is Your Dog Playing Up?

Dogs are arguably the best pet there is. They’re loyal beyond belief, and want nothing more than to please their owners. But do they know what is needed to please their owners? Not really. Sometimes a dog's excitement and lack of training can get the better of them, and it can be taken as the dog misbehaving. This can escalate so much so that the owner feels like giving up all hope, when in fact a few simple changes can make the world of difference. So, if you feel like you have a dog that is a bit disobedient, here’s what you can do to make sure they become the perfect pooch.

Misbehaving On The Lead

There are two main ways that a dog can misbehave whilst on the lead, and when they do it can be an absolute nightmare to have to walk them. But a lot of dogs just actually hate being on a lead, which sort of creates more of a problem as you know they need to be on a lead for their safety! So, the first way they can do so aggression to other dogs whilst on the lead. 

Often it’s the fact that they’re on the lead that is causing what might look like aggression, when really all they want to do is play. Rather than keeping them on the lead around other dogs, let them off and let them interact, it’s the only way they’re going to learn that vital socialization. If you know you’ve had troubles with other dogs before, and the aggression is genuine, then you can read articles on how to stop on lead dog aggression to see if you can find any advice that might work for you. As a last resort, you could try taking them to doggy training. 

This will allow them to have that interaction with other dogs in a controlled environment, and it is often easier for them to learn through methods like that. The second way they can be a pain on the lead is through pulling. When you’ve got a big dog that is pulling you things can go wrong very quickly. What you can do is use treats and gently tugging the dog to a halt to stop the pulling. Every time they pull, bring them to a stop by pulling on the lead, but not too sharply. Then reward. Repeat the process and hopefully the pulling should stop!

Misbehaving In The Home

Misbehaving in the home can sometimes be more of a pain than when they’re on a walk. The main way they can misbehave is by tearing up your belongings whilst you’re gone. Now, there are some sprays that won’t smell bad to you, but will put a dog off things like furniture. There’s always the option of trying that. But most of the time dogs do it due to seperation issues

So, you could always make it a routine of yours to go home half way through the day to either feed them, spend some time with them, or just talk them for a walk to get them out the house. Sometimes this is the best option so that they aren’t alone all day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pet Consulting and Dog Training Classes 40 years experience

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6. Get any pet care advice or a reference to the services you need for your pets

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Follow That Dog! Find a Lost Child with Your Own Dog!

Have you ever wondered if your dog could find your child ?

Does your dog follow your child or other family member around the house and yard?
Sure they do, dogs like to keep an eye on those they love!

Sometimes a dog may favor one person in the family for one reason or another. This favoritism does not mean the dog is not fond of you or not keeping track of the other people in the family..this only means they like to be near that favorite person for reasons only the dog may know.

Many dogs follow us from room to room or wait outside a closed door for our return. Most dogs do. Other dogs lay in a favorite spot with one eye open watching us as they relax, others snore and we have no idea if they are paying attention or not. Smiles.

JR one of my bloodhound pups that went on to Find Missing Persons in OK

All the dog will do one thing in common and that is they miss us when we leave them home alone.

They may wait in silence being brave and not show concern for some time. They may whimper and pace wishing us home sooner. Either way they wonder where you or I went when we leave the room, house or yard.

This talent that dogs have for watching over us is natural for our dogs to do. It's part of our dog's instinct to know where members of the dog pack are, and it's part of herding and hunting.

This dedication to us that dogs show can be used to the advantage if your child is ever lost. If a loved one has wandered away from the house or yard...Please take a close look at the family dog and see if the dog is sitting, laying or pacing at a certain spot for the person to return.

We always forget to take a look at the dog who lives with the person who is missing.

The dog might have a valuable clue.

If they are looking in one direction or attempting to go in one direction and the person has left the sight of the dog than most likely the dog is showing you what direction the person went.

If a child or elderly adult wanders from the yard without the family dog..please take the dog out on a leash to the last spot the person was at in the yard and ask the dog "where is the person,by name" and encourage the dog to go to the person, open the yard gate and follow that dog!

Give the dog a smell of the person's scent, let the dog smell a sock the person has wore or other clothing then give the dog space to find and follow the scent they just smelled.

Give the dog room and a very loose leash and follow the dog!

A dog can smell a known human scent miles away on the wind, try to stay down wind so the dog can get a scent of the person they know and follow that dog!

Train any family dog to find a family member with my kids book "My Puppy Can Find Me" by Amber Higgins (USA) and dog cartoonist Helen "Scotty" King (UK) (This book was first self-published but was accepted by a  publisher for release in 2019 print, audio and eBook editions. Sign up for email updates and follow us to be included in the celebration!

Learn how your dog can find anybody at Family Disaster Dogs  online or get my other dog books below.

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Author Amber Higgins
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