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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Puppy Post-Apocalyptic Preparedness Guide

This is a guest post from Adam Conrad at Shih Tzu Expert

Thanks Adam !

Puppy Post-Apocalyptic Preparedness Guide

Open source photo

If the world were to go into chaos tomorrow, would you be prepared?

Would your family know what to do? What would you do about your Shih Tzu or toy breed family member?

The world can be a scary place, and it is always a good idea to have a plan. This survival guide is not for you though; it is for your dog. Your furry friend depends on you for survival, so if you don’t have a plan for them, how will they survive?

Some suggest killing them is the humane thing to do, but I couldn’t imagine killing a member of my family. Others say you can use them for food, but I couldn’t imagine eating a family member either. For those who want a scenario where the dog lives, keep reading, for below are some incredible tips and tricks for preparing your pet for a doomsday situation.

The Upside of Toy Breeds

Before we can even consider the prepping aspect, we must look at why these small dogs would be a smart choice to keep around. Most people believe that a bigger dog is the best option for a post-apocalyptic scenario, and they would be right. This does not mean that your toy breed can not be of any use to you. Small dogs are known to be yappy. Even the slightest noise can set them off to bark. When you are in the wild trying to stay alive, this can be very beneficial for you. Toy breeds are the perfect early warning system. You can go sound to sleep knowing if anything were to be coming towards you a furry alarm would go off, giving you time to wake-up and defend yourself.

Unlike bigger breeds these dogs will not be able to carry their own supplies. On the bright side, the smaller the dog, the less supplies they have. Later on we will discuss how much dog food, one should prepare for their pet’s doomsday supply bag, but because Shih Tzus and other toy breed dogs are so tiny, they do not need to eat as much food as a bigger and stronger dog. This is also a bonus in case you run out of their food and need to share some of your supplies with them.

Family Disaster Dogs
Basic dog Bug-out Bag
photo A. Higgins

Doggie Doomsday Bag

Just like humans have vital necessities to include in their “bug-out” bag, so do your fluffy companions. Of course the basics are food and water, then comes additions such as: any medications, grooming supplies, ID tags, leash & collar, a copy of vaccination records and more. It is easy to look at this list and figure that you can wing it, but being prepared is the best way to ensure that you do not end up forgetting something.


While this is a no brainer, you must remember that dogs need certain nutrition. Eventually, at some point, your dog’s food supply will run out. You need to prepare for any possible situation. The amount of food you should prepare for your pet’s survival kit is a little over a weeks worth. Now if this food were to run out, you need to know what type of diet your pet is on. To understand this, you can just see the ingredients that are used for your dog’s food. Knowing this will help you when scrounging up something for them to eat. Thinking just a few steps ahead of the curve can help you and your pet make it through a tough situation.


Water is a vitally important source for life on this planet. Humans should store up to three days worth of water, so I would add one to two more days of that for your pet. Make sure to bring water purification tablets as well, so you furry companion will not get sick from the water they are drinking.


It is important to include any special medications your dog is taking. These medications can also include any heartworm or flea prevention pills.

Grooming Supplies

Don’t get me wrong, you do not need to bring a travel puppy spa, but some doggie nail clippers and a brush would be nice. While grooming may seem like a hassle, it will keep the dog healthy and happy. Plus, grooming can be a way to take your mind off of everything else that is going on. Brushing especially helps to calm a dog down, when dog correctly and with the right tools.

ID Tags, Leash & Collar, and Vaccination Records  

These are especially important if your dog were to be separated from you or if you would like to get into a shelter. Although we all believe our dogs are sweet and would never harm someone, doomsday situations bring out the fear in everyone. By being able to restrain your pet, as well as show their health records, it can put people’s minds at ease. The leash and collar also help to make sure your pet will not get separated from you and your family.

Bonus Items

Other items you can include, but are not of as much importance are: toys, treats and waste bags. If you have the room for these that is great, but if you are unable to bring these things along, it would not be the end of the world.


There are not as many training techniques for Shih Tzu and toy breed dogs, but that does not mean they should not be prepared for a disaster. Simple commands such as “sit” and “stay” can go a long way when trying to keep your dog safe. There are also signals you can teach your dog, so they can help you when in stressed situations. It is unlikely that your tiny pooch will be hunting, but if you are able to train them to do so, you should. The last thing that is important to train your dog on is being in a kennel. They need to be able to feel safe when in a kennel, for it might not always be best that they sleep with you in your bed. In times of a pandemic, you might not want a flea magnet snuggling up against you.


Dogs are a man’s best friend, so don’t go at it alone if you don’t have to. Canines are simple creatures and require certain necessities. Make sure to have a bag packed full of food and water for your travel companion. It shouldn’t be that hard to pack, for smaller dog breeds do not consume as much as the larger ones. If they are happy and healthy, they can benefit you in more ways than one, so take good care of them.

Photo A. Higgins

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