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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Story Behind the Family Disaster Dogs idea, books, blog and lessons

Interview With Author Amber Higgins on NFREADS.COM

Please introduce yourself and your books!


I’m Amber Higgins, the author of three books that tell dog owners how to use the family dog to find missing loved ones and help during disasters. I’ve also self-published a short story called, “A Squirrel Planted an Acorn”.

I always was a writer and dog lover. My work was first published offline in the 1990’s in magazines and newspapers, including a weekly herbal health column that ran two years. I set writing aside for about fifteen years to volunteer with my bloodhounds and German shepherds I raised, trained and placed nationwide for search and rescue work. I’ve worked with pets since 1976 as a professional master groomer, dog trainer and pet business owner until recently semi-retiring to spend more time writing.

What is the story behind your book(s)?

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, we were awakened at 3 am by tsunami sirens and evacuation phone calls on the Oregon coast where I was living writing other books. As I was watching the event unfold on television because we lived on a hill and were safe, I looked at my bloodhound Daisy who sat next to me and the idea for the Family Disaster Dog books dawned on me.

All of a sudden I thought of the many ways our dogs can help us! Family dogs can learn how to help their owners like search dogs do! Our own dogs can find us! They do this everyday when they want to play or go outside, our dogs are always wishing to follow us so why not ask them to find people they love who may be lost or trapped after an earthquake or tsunami ? Dogs can carry evacuation bags for young children, seniors and disabled family members who cannot carry the weight themselves!

That night, I began writing the “Family Disaster Dogs” book and lessons tailored to fit any dog’s household and family. Every dog can do something ! One simple skill may save a life. I knew that writing a book and publishing takes time so I started a blog to reach dog owners as I wrote the book. Right away, people online loved the idea!

Today, there are over two hundred Family Disaster Dogs articles online and the site has daily visitors from all over the world. The original Family Disaster Dogs book was published in 2015 by a publisher who went out of business 2016. I added 50 more pages of lessons and self-published the second edition in 2017 along with a small but helpful book called Evacuate with Your Dog’s Help-Survival Bag List.

My children’s book with illustrations by UK dog cartoonist, Scotty King, was recently released by Waldorf Publishing (2019).

What were the best, worst and most surprising things you encountered during the entire process of completing your book(s)?

I was surprised that dogs and owners as far away as Scotland and Australia were learning from what I posted on the blog! This encouraged me to keep the lesson ideas flowing, they were learning valuable skills with their dogs and what to do in emergencies to help themselves and communities. The best thing was that people wanted to know more. The worst experience was my first publisher going out of business a year after publishing the book.

What are your plans for future books?

I have two more children’s books in this genre planned and three other children books in draft I wrote years ago, along with a novel almost completed.

Tell us some quirky facts about yourself

I once lived on a mountain top 4 miles to the nearest electric pole and wrote by the flame of an oil lantern. I wrote my young daughter children books for Christmas on an old royal typewriter under the glow of the oil lamp. One day I will self-publish those books I have carried around in draft for thirty years.

Twitter is @URdogCanRescueU

Facebook Family Disaster Dogs page is


My Puppy Can Find Me Publisher Page

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Family Disaster Dogs Radio Interview-update

Radio link is updated and hopefully works for everyone :)

In memory of Daisy who helped me write the books 

I was interviewed on Chat & Spin Radio UK on November 29th, 2020

Here's the voice recording of the show. 

Radio Interview

click above link to listen to the interview

you will be taken to a google drive sound file that is secured

To see, read more and buy the books go to my author page click here at Amazon or email me for a copy via the contact page that is above in the page bar. 

Wrinkledpups "Daisy" Mayham was my current girl's foster mama dog, 

Washee Thunderfoot a Family Disaster Dog

Click the radio recording link above to find out what inspired me to write the books.

Check it out--The Family Disaster Dogs is Free to read on Kindle until the New Year of 2021! click link to go read it


My Puppy Can Find Me  

Chat and Spin Radio!

Here's the link to listen anytime. They put on a great show.

Stay Safe out there!

Wrinkledpups (K9SAR dogs) Arkansas 1996-2013

T.A.'s Kennel - Dallas Tx 1982-1989
Arkansas 1989-1998
Family Disaster Dogs 2011-present

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Gathering Scent Articles for Mantrailing Dogs to Search for Missing Persons

 Gathering Scent Articles for Mantrailing Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs trained to follow the scent trail of a live human being are called Mantrailers. These specialty trained dogs use an article or item belonging to the person the dog will find to identify and discriminate that person from other people. 

No two people smell the same, even when they use the same perfume. Each person has their own unique personal scent signature. This, invisible to the eye, individual scent remains in indoor spaces we visit and on items we handle, touch or wear. 

We leave our scent signature everywhere.

Photo from

To give you an idea of how much our scent remains on everything around us. Let's take a look at all the items in the photo above. Everything pictured will be contaminated with the scent signature of that one person at the desk! 

Each thing on that desk is a potential scent article that can be used to lead a trained dog to that one and only person. The desk, chair and personal space around that person is a scent article too. I have scented dogs on items as small as cigarette butts, paperclips and my favorite scent article for success is a toothbrush because generally only one person uses a toothbrush. Dogs are scented on chairs, benches, cars, desks, rooms, anywhere a person has been and everything they have been close to.

Contamination or the mixing of scent signatures by another person's scent happens immediately when the second person gets close to the first person's item or personal space. 

Contamination also occurs when other natural and humanmade substances or odors get mixed. A contaminated scent article is the most common reason a dog fails to find a person. I will be writing more about contamination in future articles. Sign up for the newsletter or follow me to get the new posts and you can go to this page to read how to train your dog for tracking which is different than trailing.

Scent chemistry is a very complex subject I like to explain in simple terms for everyone to easily understand. So, if we think of a person's scent chemistry as a scent cloud made of invisible particles and flakes of skin, hair and whatever else falls off, such as germs and infectious viruses, like Covid19, we can better understand what a dog follows when they search for a person. The scent cloud is what a dog works with. 

Let's start with what the dog will start with, the Scent Article!

How-to properly gather and store scent articles for dogs to find people.

One of the easiest ways to find a lost person is to give a dog the person's scent and watch him find the scent. 

The dog is only looking for the smell and not for the actual person. 

The dog does not necessarily associate the scent with the person unless the person is somebody they know with that scent. 

copyright A.Higgins

In the photo, I'm giving a Bloodhound pup the scent article

 To a dog, a scent is a scent.

Therefore, the fastest and surest way to teach or ask a dog to find a person is to use the person's scent to show them who we seek and no two people smell alike. Everybody smells different and we smell different at various times during the day or if we are sick.

To teach your dog to search for a lost or missing person, including family members you have to prepare first by gathering a "scent article" then visit my free dog training lesson page to read how-to start a dog.

To find Family Members with your Dog

It is wise to gather one sock from each person you love or do not want to lose before you start training your family pet and to store these as instructed below for later use in training sessions or if a loved one is lost. Place one dirty sock from each family member in a one freezer bag each sock.  

Do Not Mix or touch the sock to anything, only the bag, use a hanger or stick to pick it up. Freeze the socks in case of a disaster where somebody is lost or gone missing. When you go hiking collect a article from each hiker before leaving in case somebody goes off the path and is lost. A search dog or a dog from the hiking group can find them if you let the dog smell the personal item.

Also you can collect a item from each family pet as well, a old collar or brush would do. Store this item as outlined below use it as a scent article for a dog to find the missing pet

copyright A.Higgins

To Find a Unknown Missing Person

When training your dog to find people who are unknown or not family members, you will be using a volunteer person to hide from your dog so you will collect a scent article from that person before the person goes hide. The scent article can be a face mask, a sock, hat or other small personal item nobody else has touched. 

  Gathering the Scent Article

Always handle every scent article, at all times, in training and in an actual search with the upmost care! NO OTHER PERSON or thing should every touch or breath on a scent article from somebody else. 

Preservation and handling of a scent article is the most important aspect of using a dog to find a missing person. The main reason a dog will not work a trail or lose the scent of a missing person is because the scent article used was contaminated. We cannot see the contamination or smell any difference but a trained dog will smell and look for every smell that is on the article. 

If another person handles the article the dog will look for both people. Then a different type of search is needed to be used that will depend upon how well the handler reads the dog to come to the right conclusion. The dog will follow both persons scents and should be rewarded, although it may appear the dog is on the wrong person's trail. 

If a handler does not know a scent article is contaminated and gives the dog the scent article to use to find the missing person or shows the dog the last known location to start on that is contaminated. The dog will smell the missing person and the unknown subject or other substances (I will write about substances soon) the dog will look for all the scents on the scent article or at the person's last know location. For this reason, it's critical to safeguard and choose wisely every scent article used. 

Everything a person touches is a potential scent article, make sure it's only touched by the one person you wish to find.

Collecting the Scent Article

DO NOT touch the scent article yourself, have the person drop the personal item from their hand into a new brown paper bag (lunch bag size) or a plastic freezer bag ( zip lock natural non chemical bag is best) I prefer paper bags because paper is natural and organic to the dog's nose.

This is a post for beginners, you will learn more about scent article collection at a scene in other articles. 

Do Not Contaminate that scent article. 

Have the person fold the bag shut and drop the bag into another holding bag you will carry.

Reminder, Do Not Put 2 scent articles from different people together, each article gets its own bag and label the bag with the person's name, date and time.

If you are not using the scent article right away, store the bag in the freezer until a few minutes before use.

Write "Scent Article" for emergency on the bag (police dogs and search dog handlers will know what to do with this if you ever have to call them about a missing person.

My bloodhound Homer found 26 people and 1 mountain lion while working a 6 year career in law enforcement before semi-retiring from my mentor to me to volunteer and produce fine pups that went to work in several states, Canada and South America. 

The “scent article” tells your dog who they are looking for!

Handle with Care.

When you start the dog on the scent article, you will open the bag and ask the dog to smell inside to bag. Most dogs will out of curiosity, be sure to tell the dog the command "Smell" or "Take Scent" each time to teach the dog you expect them to smell the item.

You only need one item from the person as long as that item is not contaminated by any other odor, substance or person. 

Here's some ideas for the best personal items to use for K9 scent articles.

1. Clothing directly from the person-hats, socks, shirts, shoes, etc.

2. Personal hygiene items-hair bush, toothbrush, comb, bottles only the person touched, etc.

3. Bedding-pillows, covers, sheets

4. Toys

5. Tools

6. Office items-mail, pens, pencil, books, desk top, chair that only one person has used

7. Benches, chairs, table tops, gate handles, door handles, etc

8. Automobiles -seat, steering wheel, doors, inside and outside surfaces, items inside, floors

9. Daily use items- towels, dishes, eating utensils, pipes, walking canes, backpacks, etc

10. Electronics- Phones, computers, device cords, memory cards, device case, briefcase 

For online courses that teach you how to train a dog to search for missing persons, dead and alive visit my online dog training courses and dog lifestyle coach page by clicking here. There is an Obedience course and Family Disaster Dogs course I am finishing writing there, and the Cadaver course is accepting more students. 


Visit the Home Page Here

My Daisy gave me the idea for this site and books ! Good girl Daisy!

Read the Family Disaster Dogs Book for Free on Kindle or buy a copy as a gift ! 
See and get all my books at my author page click here... 

Leave me a comment below, thanks for visiting!
Stay safe in 2020!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Top Dog Blog 2020 Award for Family Disaster Dogs

We are proud to announce on the anniversary of the creation of Family Disaster Dogs on 9/11 that we are one of the Top Dog Blogs on the web!!

We were given exciting news yesterday that Family-Disaster-Dogs has been selected by the panelist of  Feedspot as one of the Top 200 Dog Blogs on the web.!!!

The founder personally gave us a high-five and wanted to thank Family Disaster Dogs for our contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 200 Dog Blogs
 on the internet and I'm honored to be appreciated!

Please visit the Top 200 Dog Blogs and share what you like, thank you!

With due respect and love, I want to thank my dogs who made Family Disaster Dogs possible. I also want to thank all of your dogs who continue to learn and be ready to respond in disasters and missing person incidents the world over. 

In the last 10 years, dog owners from every part of the world have contacted us to say they are teaching their dogs using the Family Disaster Dogs lessons, blog and my books to prepare for emergencies or to find missing persons. I want to thank everyone for following us, sharing this site and being a part of the journey. I'm proud of everyone of you. 

Paws up! Great job and onward we go....follow that dog! 

Celebrate! Life is Great!

author of Family Disaster Dogs

In loving memory and tribute to my Certified Mantrailer 
Rea Valley's Incredible Sue who always went above and beyond the demand of duty
Mother of many Search and Rescue working dogs

In loving memory and tribute to the 1st Family Disaster Dog 
 She gave me the idea and helped write all the lessons!
Mantrailer and mother of many mantrailers across the USA
Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham

Last but not least, Daisy's sidekick and our little gentleman 
Willie G Dawg 
who showed us even elderly dogs are Family Disaster Dogs 
and can do what bloodhounds do

Rest in loving peace dogs 
knowing you helped bring somebody home 

In Dogs We Trust

Follow, like and share Family Disaster Dogs on social media so others may learn

Please continue to bring awareness to others that dogs are one of the greatest assets we humans have!

See my new online courses and book a online coaching session with me click here

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dog Lifestyle Coach and Dog Training Courses


Dog Lifestyle Coach 


Dog Training Courses

Get your dog a personal dog lifestyle coach ! or check out my

Online dog training courses---click here to learn more!

Advising dog owners since 1976!

Ask anything about Dogs!

Selecting a dog, evaluations, training, grooming, breeding, puppies, senior dog care

Online Dog Training Courses available in person too!

International Style Cadaver Dog

Family Disaster Dogs-includes trailing/tracking


Accepting Students 

In-person dog training: half-day seminar covers all skills to get you started in obedience or search dog discipline of choice

Distance Learning via Phone coaching and training

contact me via the contact page above for a free phone consultation

Let's train dogs!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Covid19 and Pets Information

COVID19 and Pets

Researchers and the CDC are still learning about how #COVID19 affects animals, but it appears that people can spread the virus to animals in some situations. 

Until they know more, they recommend that you limit contact with pets if you are sick or feeling sick. 

Here's excellent info from the American Veterinarian Association FAQ about Covid19 and Pets

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How-to Naturally Treat Joint Problems in Dogs

Here's a great guest post about understanding joint pain in dogs. This relates to cats also. During emergencies its good to know what may be causing our pet's stiff joints, especially if they are under the stress of evacuating or a big storm.

How to Naturally Treat Joint Problems in Dogs

Follow these tips to help your aching dog.

Dogs' joints experience degradation from running and jumping all around. For some dogs, that's a problem. Frequent and high-impact use of joints may lead to joint-related problems in dogs such as ACL tears and osteoarthritis. To learn more about the condition your dog may be experiencing and how to relieve your dog's pain best, read our guide below.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), is the inflammation of the joints caused by the degradation of cartilage. In dogs with osteoarthritis, cartilage cushion in the joints breaks down over time due to old age, repetitive stress, or disease.

  • Without the protective cartilage in joints, your dog may experience pain, inflammation, a decreased range of motion, and the development of bone spurs. 

  • Any joint in your dog's body can develop osteoarthritis. However, the condition most commonly affects the lower spine and the joints in the limbs.

What Are the Signs of Joint Problems?

Most of the time, owners notice that their dogs are moving less or are having more difficulty with their day-to-day activities. For example, your dog may have problems jumping up on to the couch, going up the stairs, or boarding your car. Athletic dogs experience joint problems as well. Perhaps your athletic dog is no longer keeping up with you during your morning runs or no longer wants to play at the dog park.

What Causes Osteoarthritis in Dogs?

Developmental and degenerative problems are the two leading causes of joint problems.

  • Developmental problems may manifest themselves through hip or elbow dysplasia, wherein joints no longer develop correctly.

  • On the other hand, degenerative joint problems may manifest themselves in the form of cruciate ligament problems, wherein ligament degenerates over time and causes instability.

How to Prevent Joint Injuries

You can prevent joint injuries in your dogs even before adopting them. If you're buying a purebred puppy, be sure to research the health problems that are associated with the specific breed. Most joint issues have some hereditary component to them. If you don't care about the breed, consider adopting a mutt. Mutts are less likely to develop joint problems. The genetic diversity in mutts dramatically limits the chances of orthopedic issues.

If you already have a dog, it is crucial to keep your dog at a healthy body weight throughout his or her life. Be sure to provide your dog with healthy food and sufficient exercise to keep him or her lean and in good condition.

Lastly, have your veterinarian evaluate your dog's joints and general health at least once a year. A lot of joint problems can be prevented if you catch them early enough.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, unfortunately, is a progressive disease with no known cure. The best thing dog owners can do is to prevent the development of osteoarthritis through diet, exercise, and supplements.

If osteoarthritis has already developed in your dog, you should shift your focus to controlling pain, decreasing inflammation, slowing the development of the disease, and improving quality of life.

Natural Treatments

1. Weight Management 

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight reduces the load that your dog's joints need to carry. It also decreases joint inflammation caused by fat.

2. Strengthening

A stronger and more muscular dog is a healthier dog. Muscle tissues protect your dog's joints. 

You can strengthen your dog through regular and safe exercise. If you'd like to take this a step further, you can consult a dog physical therapist.

3. Food & Supplements

Many food and supplements contain ingredients that can improve joint health for your dog. These supplements and ingredients may include:

  • Turmeric

  • Glucosamine

  • Chondroitin

  • Boswellia

  • Astaxanthin

  • Collagen

4. CBD Oil for Dogs With Joint Pain  

CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, it can effectively help treat certain inflammatory conditions.

Osteoarthritis, or simply arthritis, is one of the most common inflammatory conditions that dogs develop. One in four dogs experiences osteoarthritis in their lifetime.

Studies have shown that CBD oil may provide substantial and long-lasting relief in dogs with osteoarthritis when given twice a day at appropriate doses.

When to Visit Your Vet

If your dog is suffering from severe joint pain and none of the above remedies seem to work, you'll need to bring your dog to the vet for x-rays and proper evaluation.

Your veterinarian may order scans of both of your dog's hips or take scans of both sides of your dog's body, regardless of whether your dog experiences pain in only one side.

Dogs are naturally stoic and rarely display signs of pain. Instead, they may show signs of discomfort by sending you subtle signals in the form of behavioral changes. You know your dog best, so only you will know when your dog is acting strangely.

Look out for behavioral changes, such as your dog sleeping more than usual or displaying a shift in attitude. Your dog may also express a loss of interest in playing or other regular activities. Many of these signs may be subtle, so it's essential to pay close attention to your dog.

If anything looks out of the ordinary and natural remedies don't seem to work, contact your vet immediately.


Allen., M. (2013, October 16). 8 Ways to Treat Dog Joint Pain. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Dog Joint Conditions: Hill's Pet. (n.d.). Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Eckstein, S. (2009, July 06). Dog Joint Health: Painful Joint Problems. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Elizabeth Racine, D. (2019, July 28). Osteoarthritis in Dogs - Signs and Treatment. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Thursday, June 11, 2020

2020 Monthly Dog Training Workshops and Online Courses Obedience, Family Disaster Dog and Search Dog

New for 2020...

Now that my books are published I have time to offer dog training classes again and because of the Virus, I'm offering a little different way for us to train your dog using praise and motivation without any harsh methods. Along with Practicing Social Distancing amid the Covid19 Virus Pandemic

Meet with me for dog training 3 ways

  • Monthly 
  • Learn Online
  • Learn via Phone or Video Chat

Pick a Class Below and click > to Sign-up by sending me an email 
You will be contacted after sign-up to arrange dates and pay at class

Phone Advice and Dog Training $25.00 a hour by appointment 

Private one-on-one Dog Training In-person 1 hour $100.00 by appointment (the average rate in the USA) We meet at a park in Gold beach Oregon and because of the virus I no longer come to your house as I have in the past.

Once a Month 2 day weekend of Fun Dog Training Workshop
Group class dog training

Instead of the usual weekly Obedience or Family Disaster Dogs and Search Dog Training Class that covers one skill a week. We meet over a weekend to train for 2 days and you receive hand-outs for homework to practice at home

  • I teach you how-to handle and train your dog 3 skills instead of 1 skill
  • Spend at least about 6 hours over 2 days training dogs in beautiful Gold Beach, Oregon 
  • Each day is 2 to 3 hours of discussion and instruction to a small group of dogs and owners . 
  • Come once learn the skills you want or come every month to advance in skills
  • Lodging and camping recommendations available if your visiting from out of the area

Pick one course Below and sign-up 

  • Family Disaster Dogs $ 150.00 for both days
Day 1:  Discussion about Preparing for Disasters and Evacuation with a Dog's Help
You will learn what supplies to have and carry to be prepared for emergencies and teach your dog to help during evacuation. You'll also learn and pack an emergency Go-Bag (Bug-out Bag) with survival items.

Day 2:  Start Training your Dog to Find Missing Family and Friends 
Your dog will be finding a family member at the end of this fun weekend and the whole family will know what to do when disasters strike.

1 of my dog training books included, your choice

Here's the Family Disaster Dogs Video Trailer

We have dogs all over the world awarded certificates as Family Disaster Dogs

Send me a picture of your dog doing a lesson or carrying a bug-out bag for membership and certificate.

Join the pack on Twitter !  @URDogCanRescueU

  • Obedience and Manners $150.00 for both days
1st. month skills taught: Walk Nice on Leash, Come when Called, Sit-Stay, Manners as needed
2nd. month skills taught: Heel with Sit, Lay-Stay, Put all Skills Together

  • Trailing-Tracking Live People or Animals  $300.00 both days
Best for 6 month and older dogs who enjoy following people around and playtime

1 month: Start Dog Searching for Live Unknown People
Each month after advances training the dog to find missing persons hours/days later on multiple surfaces in all weather, urban and rural, log training hours, aspects of response

  • Cadaver-HRD for Search and Recovery Dog  $300.00 both days

6 month to 3 years old dogs who love to play ball and focus on toys do best

1st Month Start Searching for Human Remains Scent and learn about training aids, source, making training baits 
Each month after advances training the dog to alert on human remains scent in buildings, vehicles, urban, rural, water shoreline, log training hours, aspects of response

2020 Dog Training Virtual Courses and Coaching-Online  
Unlimited Class Size and Lifetime Access 

New in June 2020 Dog Lifestyle Coaching is coming online at the courses below

$45.00 hour any dog subject or training you want to discuss and learn about;

Family Disaster Dogs, Emergency Preparedness, Search Dogs, Obedience, Grooming and Puppy Care are a few of the areas we can cover.

Sign-up Below

Now Accepting students

Learn in the comfort of your home where emergencies happen !

Open for Students
Click one to Sign-up and Read about Course
Trailing-Tracking Dog Courses

Online Courses include step by step instructions,
 pictures, videos and direct access to instructor

Learn with the author of 
"Family Disaster Dogs" and  "My Puppy Can Find Me "
"Evacuate with Your Dog's Help"

Includes your choice of
2 books and a certificate of graduation

 40 years dog training and handling experience

Retired kennel and pet spa owner, professional master groomer (retired)
Certified K9SAR Bloodhound specialty and all breed-Search Dog Volunteer (retired)
30 years producing accomplished dogs (retired)

Training dogs since 1976

I'm well known for using gentle knowledgeable handling skills and 
positive praise to establish teamwork

Here's Washee showing off her education.

Get your dog an education today!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

30 Days in Lock Down Pandemic

Hi Everyone,

I just want to say,

 I hope everyone and their loved ones are doing as good as can be expected, if not much better, in this crazy times we are having with the corona virus!!! Covid-19 or aka- the pandemic that has swept around the world in the last 2 months...what a unexpected change of events for us all.

Please stay safe and keep the dogs well too!

Everything will be okay, if not then it is not okay yet!!

Stay at home unless told otherwise by officials because they do know more than we do, it's their job to take care of us in the best way they know how...we the people voted them in or hired them so let's just stay safe, and let them work on this. All around the world scientist and researchers, hospitals and governments ARE working 24/7 to spot this corona bug that is after us..

We aren't in this alone, the whole world is together on fighting this and trying to keep everybody do your part and stay home, enjoy the at home vacation as much as possible.

It's not permanent, the world and we will adjust learning a new way to live with this new invisible threat or eventually contain it. Like other viruses and diseases before Corvid 19- ....the mumps, polio, scarlet fever, chickenpox, measles which many of us remember or heard of from our parents...we will over come this one too!

Carry on

Stay Calm

Stay Safe

Hug your dog because you can always play fetch with them indoors too, hide something the dog likes and ask them to find it...hide yourself or somebody in another room and ask your dog to find..Play hide and seek inside or in your own yard for some time away from all the bad news and exercise.

I'm working on a huge project that I will unveil here on Family Disaster Dogs 

Follow us or check your mail for updates coming soon!!

Read one of my books if your bored at home, smiles and have some fun with your dog...there's many fun things in books, here's the Family Disaster Dog Book link, the other books are at my author page there..

Take care and carry on!!

Stay well,

Amber and Washee wolf

We bugged-out from that Corvid-19 bug !! haha
Back soon...stay save! 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Pieces Of Advice For New Dog Owners

Being a new dog owner is an exciting time for you and your family. However, you likely feel apprehensive about the situation and have a lot of questions running through your head.

The following advice is going to help prepare you for what’s to come so you can put your mind at ease. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely look back wondering why you were ever nervous in the first place. Your pet will bring you and your household a lot of joy, and it is nice to have someone to snuggle with when you’re tired or feeling low.

Start Training Early

The earlier, the better when it comes to training your pet. If you let them get too old and comfortable, you risk them never learning even basic commands. Keep your house in order and your stress levels low by enrolling in puppy school right away. You want your dog to be well behaved and understand you when you’re trying to communicate with them at home.

Get Them Outside

Your dog will need regular exercise and look forward to these outings. Therefore, get in the habit of playing with them outdoors in the fresh air. Bring them on a hike with you or let them run around at the dog park. If you’re going to be outdoors, then it’s wise to purchase a dog flea protection product you can use to help keep them safe when they’re out and about roaming around. It’s the responsible action to take and will help to ensure your pet remains in good health.

Be Available  

Being a new dog owner means more responsibility for you. You should shy away from becoming a pet owner if your schedule is hectic and you’re never home. Your dog will need your love and attention and for you to check in on them often. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re available for your dog and can be there when they need you. They’re going to need to use the bathroom, to be fed, and taken to the vet for appointments.

Prepare Your Home

Another piece of advice for new dog owners is to prepare your home ahead of time. For example, take time to puppy proof your space and make sure there’s nothing that they can get into that may harm them. Furthermore, you’ll want to have an area where they can go to relax and feel safe and access their bed and food and water when they desire. Take time to purchase all the right gear and supplies you’ll need so that you’re ready for their arrival.


Bringing home a new dog is an event to look forward to and anticipate. However, it can also be a lot of work and require accountability on your part. Use this advice to help you along the way and to make sure that your pet’s homecoming is memorable and successful. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out for help and advice when you need it.

Author Amber Higgins

Author Amber Higgins
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Welcome UK and worldwide visitors and friends to Family Disaster Dogs online! Although I'm an American author and dog professional the worldwide web has given me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful folks who have contributed pictures for my books. The "Start Mantrailing" book features RRI K9 North Scotland trained Search and Rescue Dog "Amber" on the cover and her teammates training in the book, plus American dogs using my training methods. A portion of sales of the Start Mantrailing book or copies were donated to RRI North Scotland. The children's picture book "My Puppy Can Find Me" has my daughter and bloodhound as illustrations by UK cartoonist Scotty King. You can find the books on Amazon UK or use the contact page to order from me. When you click the links will take you to your own county pages of this site.

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How are you Prepared?  Post answers in the comments...we'd love to hear from you! Be ready for pet medical emergencies with one of these...

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My Children's Picture Book

My Children's Picture Book
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