Monday, October 15, 2018

Disaster Preparedness- the Moment the World Turns Upside Down

Are you prepared with your pets and family for the moment of Disaster?

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With hurricanes, floods and fires ravaging the countrysides of both the USA and UK, plus Indonesia and other parts of the world having their share of  weather related events. Its a good time to look at what your family would do in the event of a local disaster.

Disasters come in may forms and are suddenly are upon us or they would not be called disasters.

Most of these events are not in our human control but in Mother Nature's hands. In that moment when disasters hit, we humans have no choice but to attempt to survive. Pray and hold on, run and pray some more or hunker down praying. Each person and pet will do the best they can at that moment.

In that moment, no matter how much forecasters and weather stations have warned us to be ready we really do not know what will happen or what to be ready for until the event is over. Usually within a short time, maybe a few hours or in the daylight when the sun comes will we be able to see what is left in the neighborhood or town we live in. Destruction or a normal day.  

Many storms, tornadoes, fires and floods occur at night often waking people from sleep to find out they have lost the lights or electric. Stumbling around in the dark is no fun when danger is on the doorstep. That is the moment we need to prepare for. 

Evacuation is the last resort to get out of the way and when the authorities announce that it is time to evacuation they mean a serious life changing moment is heading your way and move it..Now ! 

Move over out of the way or get hit full force. 

When we chose not to evacuate we are choosing to face the moment of impact, just like letting somebody punch us in the face with our hands tied behind our back because we cannot fight Mother Nature. We cannot punch a tornado or stand up to a hurricane and the best thing to do is duck the punch. Sidestep and get out of the way.

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What will you do? 

Leave us a comment and share your plan for that moment when the world turns upside down and the lights go out. Somebody may learn something from you that can save a life. 

If you would not evacuate, why not?

Read more about what you can do click the page links below for more articles from Family Disaster Dogs.

See the list of survival supplies a family and pets need to evacuate and live for three days waiting for help to arrive if your home is destroyed.

Learn how your pet dogs can find you and friends or family members who are missing after disasters or wandered from home.  

Emergency Links to Organizations and site about preparing and the aftermath.

Books Recommended Reading

Teach you dog to fetch items by name, find the car keys, bring the first aid kit and get water bottle if you are hurt !

Free lessons show you what to do and to teach your dogs what to do to help you in disasters


Available as a eBook too

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Unhealthy, But Happy: Making The Most Of Quality Time Together When Your Dog Is Very Old

As their health deteriorates, we will naturally want to spend more time with our dog as they get older. But as time goes on, the idea of what can constitute as quality time can be quite a head-scratcher. We need to find good ways to spend time with our dog, and in some respects, we can overthink it, but how can we ensure that they are getting the best from us?

If They Want To Sleep…

Let them sleep! They are going to spend more time sleeping now than they were years ago, so make it a bit more comfortable for them. Give them some extra blankets to lie on, or give them a space on the couch. It's at this point where the rules of them staying off the couch might not apply, especially if you want to give them your all.
Helping Them Walk

Yes, they will still want to go for walks, but it will be few and far between. As they get older, their mobility will naturally decrease because of stiff joints, but they will still want to accompany us wherever we go. In which case, do your best to help them get up or down stairs, or if you want to take them out for a walk, make sure it's on terrain that isn't too difficult for them.
Getting Them Outside

They will want to stay active, and there are going to be parts of their body that will not do what they want. As they get older, their bladder will be quite weak, but you can purchase a dog belly wrap to help with this so that they can get outside a bit more. And if you were used to going out for hours on end, playing Frisbee, or hiking up and down mountains, you need to pull this back and make sure the time outside is nice and active, but not overly so. Ultimately, the more active they are, the better they will feel, but there has to be a limit.
Getting More Home Comforts

They will be more sensitive to the changes in the seasons, and we have to be ready to adapt to these changes. Keeping some home comforts to hand will ensure that they are a bit happier despite their failing body. They are going to be more sensitive, not just in terms of their body, but their mind also, so think about the home comforts that they usually like, and get a few more ready!
Providing Extra Nutrition

In their senior years, they will need more in their diet to keep the feeling healthy. Not only will they need different types of nutrients, but they will also need an adequate amount of calories. Fluctuations in weight are very common for dogs in old age, and it can be a struggle to find the right balance. 

Ensuring that they have adequate supplements is something you need to provide for them at the very least, but you may want to think about other approaches to ensure they have healthier functions, such as the gut. 

A lot of dog owners give their dog kefir grains, as the good bacteria benefits their gut in many ways, but be careful not to overdo this, and ensure that their stomach can take this influx of good bacteria. On the other hand, bone broth has been shown to be a great way to improve digestive health as it is very light on the stomach and provides many nutrients.

Taking Those Opportunities To Bond

Even if it's not like it used to be, you can still bond over old activities. Even if they don't get out much, something as basic as grooming time is your opportunity to bond with them. It's the two of you, together, and it's a very simple way to show them how much you care.
Take Each Day As It Comes

It can be very upsetting when your dog isn't able to move around as they once did, and they may not want to do anything anymore, but you need to judge each day on its own merit. As long as you are keeping them as healthy as possible, and you are doing everything in your power to ensure they are comfortable, then there's no telling how they will be tomorrow. They may be sprightly and full of energy, but they might not, and this is something you have to take on a day by day basis.
Keeping Your Medical Knowledge Up-To-Date

Something as simple as keeping in touch with the vets during this difficult time will make sure that you are doing everything you can for them. Old age is one of those things that happen to each and every one of us, and while your vet will tell you that they need to be comfortable and healthy, it doesn't hurt to know the signs and symptoms of a certain illness, so you can act quickly if there is an emergency.
Have Some Fun!

You may feel sad, and understandably so, but you have a lifetime of memories together, and they wouldn't want you to be sad for them, and instead of dreading the worst, give yourself the opportunity to relive some old times. They need you more now than ever, but you can still do the things that you used to do, albeit with a little more care and attention. Enjoy some fun time together, and talk to them. 

They don't want to feel scared or upset, and this is why you should spend quality time with each other. It can be incredibly heartbreaking to see your dog give into old age, and while everyone will say it's a part of life, it can hurt. But it's not helpful at this point in time to dwell on the negative aspects, because they may still have a lot of life in them yet, and it's your responsibility to make the most of their twilight years, and you can still make new memories. 

Your dog is your best friend, so treat them accordingly, and make the most of your quality time together.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Why Does A Dog Bite?

There are a lot of scary stories about dogs attacking people these days. But the reality is that dog bites are a lot more common than you might think - it’s just the serious, terrible, and disastrous incidents we hear or read about in the news. In fact, there are over 4.5 million dog bites that occur every year, most of which are mild accidents - and almost all of them can be avoided.

The key to understanding how not to get bitten is to learn why dogs bite. Having covered what to do to avoid and deal with a bite from a dog, we thought it was time to explore the reasons why it happens so much. Let’s take a closer look.

Why do dogs bite?

The first thing to understand is that any dog can bite. Sure, there are aggressive strains and personalities out there in the world, but even a timid dog will snap at you in fear if you close off their escape route. Big, small, male, female, young, old, cuddly, scary: any dog will try to protect themselves the best way they know how when they find themselves in a stressful situation.

‘Stressful’ is the key word to understand, here. Almost every dog bite will occur as a reaction to something - they don’t just do it for the sake of it. It could be to protect something, or to ward you off from its territory. It might be because they feel threatened - or even that someone or something is threatening you. They can even bite when they feel unwell and just want to be left alone. But the key thing to remember is that in almost every scenario, it’s because your dog is stressed.

Understanding the issue

The trouble is that too few owners understand the signs that their dog is stressed. And unless you learn those signs yourself - as a dog owner or otherwise - it could spell trouble. For example, if you have a small child who loves pooches and sees one on the street, can you be sure that the dog they go up to and try and stroke isn’t afraid? And can you guarantee they will not bite? Educating yourself and your kids on how to approach - or not - any animal is wise.

That said, if you do ever receive a bite from someone else’s dog, it is the owner’s fault. Contact a lawyer to file a claim for canine bites and make sure you get the relevant medical attention - every owner has a responsibility to look after their animals. And if you know your dog is stressed, make sure you have full control over them and let the approaching party know to keep a good distance away.

What about play?

In their natural environment, dogs will play with other dogs - and they tend to nip at each other for fun. The trouble is that they nip and bite during play with humans, too. And while it’s fun for them, it’s dangerous for you - and especially for your kids.

You can avoid getting bitten by not wrestling with them, or playing tug-of-war. Ultimately, these are games that will overexcited your dog and accidents are more likely to occur.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

How to Welcome a Rescue Dog to Your Home

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Rescuing a dog is incredibly fulfilling. Just knowing that you are giving this pooch a second chance to be loved is a wonderful feeling. However, taking care of a pet who has a dark past can be quite challenging so before you bring your pup home, think carefully about how you are going to approach this transition.

When dogs are loved, they bring love to your household. Your kids will benefit from having a new furry friend and you can all benefit from a healthy lifestyle walking together. Here’s what you need to do to make sure that they settle in. Just remember, time and patience are key.

Take a Tour of Your Home

The first day is vital for laying down some ground rules but also for familiarizing your dog with your home. Keeping your pup on the leash for the time being, let them have a good sniff around the outside of your house first. Give them plenty of time to look around and don’t pull them around. 

Taking a tour of the house is a good way to establish their territory but also to create some rules. If they start chewing or scratching, be firm but fair. Say no clearly and then supply an appropriate toy instead. Praise all good behaviour with a treat.

Make Them Feel Safe

Dogs who have been abused in the past can be quite aggressive when they feel threatened so avoiding this is absolutely vital. The last thing you want is an animal attack so keep in mind your dog’s history and be patient with your homemaking. If you are really worried about this, you can view more here.
Making a dog feel safe is actually quite easy from your perspective - you just need to create a space they can call their own. It might be a crate or a pillow, or even a full room. When your dog is here, you won’t disturb or try to pet them - this is their personal space.

Lots of pets will want to hide from you when they first get home. They might run behind a sofa or dive under a blanket but the most important thing is that you let them hide. Your pet will come out when they are ready and then you can shower them with praise.

Establish a Routine

Dogs are big fans of routine; it keeps them grounded and makes them feel more secure. Think about it this way, we humans like to know that we are going to have dinner at a certain time and dogs are very similar. Putting down food at the same time each day, going for regular walks and spending playtime together are all ways of establishing a good routine.

Training is also very important as this teaches your dog which behaviours are okay and what they should stop doing. Following instructions is also a vital part of training as this will ensure that everyone knows you are in charge.

Just take your time and you will all be getting along perfectly in no time at all.

Monday, October 1, 2018

How To Keep Your Home Together When You Own A Dog

When you’re house proud, there’s often nothing that you love more than to have a home that looks great. If you know that you want a house that is well kept and clean, and incredibly beautiful, you will often do anything and everything to keep it that way. So much so, that you may be put off from owning a dog, because you’re worried about how the dog would fit into your home life. But when your family wants a dog, or you are actually a dog lover, this may be something that actually happens in your life. 

And then, you may worry that your perfect home won’t be so perfect after all. Because maybe you’re concerned that having a dog will mean that your house will get messed up so much more easily! But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Or maybe you aren’t super insanely house proud, but you just want to be able to keep your house together. Maybe you already own a dog and you’re realizing that your house seems so much harder to keep together because of the dog! 

It’s something that happens to a lot of families. But, just because you have a god, it doesn’t mean that your house has to be a mess. Instead, it just means that you need to work harder to make sure that your home looks great. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make it happen. So let’s take a look at what they are.

Set Boundaries

So the very first thing you need to do, is to make sure that you’re setting the right boundaries in place. And this is non-negotiable when you want a house that you love. If you let your dog run wild all over the house, it’s going to get messed up. Instead, set boundaries on what they can do and where they go. Maybe you want to keep them off of the couches or out of the formal living room to keep it a little more together.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

The next thing that’s really going to help you here, is to come up with a cleaning schedule. Because if you’re worried that you’re home is getting too messed up, a good routine can help. And if you already have a schedule in place, you may just need to tweak it a little to make sure that your home is just as clean now you have the dog.

Get Your Dog Groomed

It’s also going to help you if you get your dog groomed regularly. Dog grooming can be especially important when you have a dog with a long coat or a coat that tends to malt easily. Because this can minimize the shedding and keep them looking trim and tidy too!
Train Your Dog

Now, a super important thing, is often to train your dog! Because if your dog rules the roost, then you may have absolutely no chance at keeping your home in order. SO make sure that you work on training them as early as you can. Because when you have a well-behaved dog, they aren’t really going to have an impact on your home at all.
Use Super Strong Products

So from here, you’re going to find that using the best products help. Because if you know that your carpet needs more cleaning or that you need to make sure that there’s no smell around the house, take a look for strong but natural products that are pet-safe. That way, you will find that your home stays beautiful more easily.
Get A Cleaner

And, a really simple move, is to get a cleaner! That way, you don’t have to worry about doing things yourself (especially if you’re super busy). Here, even a dog waste removal service could be perfect for you. Even more so when you’re worried about taking care of that yourself. And when you know that your home is being cleaned professionally, it’s going to always look great.

Get A Dog-Friendly Vacuum

Next up, you definitely need to make sure that your vacuum is strong enough to pick up all of the dog hair around the home. Even if you have a cleaner, you will want to know that you can run the vacuum around and be able to keep things looking great when you want to. Plus, if you do vacuum daily, it’s so important to make sure that you invest in the best kind of vacuum - and they usually are super strong and pet-hair friendly.
Keep Things Organized

A huge thing for you to focus on is organization here. Because if you’re just all too chaotic with your stuff, it’s going to make your house look messy. And this is definitely the case with your dog-related stuff! So try to find a way of keeping their food and bed and everything else organized, so that they fit into your decor and lovely home, and nothing else.
Choose Durable Pieces

And if you really want to get smart about this, you need to make sure that you’re picking furniture that you know will withstand having a dog around. Don’t pick out pieces that will show dog hair or that can be scratched or marked easily. If you’re being tactical about what you bring into your home, then it will be so much easier for you to keep it looking great.
Let Go A Little

And finally, the last thing that you could think about doing, is just letting go a little bit. Because maybe you’re just being a bit too much of a control freak. And the thing is, when that’s your personality - it can be hard. But if you’re letting things get to you, even though they are beyond your control, you’re only hurting yourself. 

So let go a little. Don’t worry so much if there house isn’t perfect. It’s still clean and tidy! And that way, you and your family can enjoy a happier life with your dog.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Kids And Dogs: Tips That'll Make Them Pals For Life

Kids love dogs, and yours might have already started asking you if they could get a new pet to join the family. Dogs and young ones can be great friends, and watching them play together is a joy for most parents to see. However, it’s important to remember that dogs are still animals and can be quite unpredictable at times, even those that are extremely tame. So, it’s important that you teach children the correct way to act around dogs so that there is no chance of them being in any danger.

They Shouldn’t Approach A Dog Without Permission

First of all, it’s important that you teach your child never to approach a strange dog or puppy without permission from the owner. If you visit, you’ll see that treating a dog bite can be very expensive, and that most of them are caused by dogs that were previously unknown to the bitten individual. So, make sure your children know not to go up to any unknown dog on their own, as there is no way of knowing what its temperament will be like. If you ask the owner before you or your child stroke the dog, then they will be able to warn you about any potential risks.

Never Run To A Dog

One of the main things to remember is that dogs can be easily worried or scared, so it’s best not to do anything that might shock them. That means it’s best if individuals never run towards a dog, as this could kick in some of their wild instincts, and they might think that they are being chased.

Children might be very likely to run towards a dog to say hello, so it’s worth teaching them that they shouldn’t do this. They need to be calm and collected when they see and approach a dog and should walk up to it as slowly as possible.

Stop Them From Patting The Dog’s Head

Your child will no doubt want to pet your new family dog or any that they meet while they are out and about. Before they do, though, you need to teach them the correct way to do so. If it is a dog that doesn’t know your children too well, they should start off by stroking and scratching them on the chest.

Once the dog and children get to know each other better, then they can start to pet them on their back. However, it’s important to know that children should never pat a dog on its head or around its mouth. This can be quite a sensitive area, and stroking them near the head and mouth can irritate them. If they really don’t like being petted and strokes in this area, they could lash out at your children. 

For a complete guide on petting dogs, you can check on out at

Hopefully, your kids will now be good friends with all dogs!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Eight Super Ways To Pamper Your Working Pooch

Caring for a dog isn’t a small job. You have to put in a lot of time and effort with them to ensure that they are well-exercised, happy, fed and healthy. This isn’t just something that can be done in a day. 

It takes time to win the trust of your dog and it takes time to know them; they may be dogs, but they have personality! If your dog is a working dog, as in it helps you to stay safe on long outdoor hikes, you know that you are working them hard. This doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil them, though. We are only blessed with our perfect pooches for a few short years, so you want to ensure that they are happy and healthy as much as possible in the time that you get to.

Doggy desires are usually quite simple. All they want is to be taken for very long walks and get exercised, chow down on deliciously natural dog food and enjoy the occasional scratched belly. Dogs want our time and our attention and when they get that from us, they stay loyal. 

They care for us. They watch out for us and protect us against any threats in a fierce way. Sometimes, you just need to give your pup a little appreciation, and that takes spoiling them and feeling good about it! So, here are some of the ways that you can pamper your pet to make them feel loved.

animal, corgi, dog


Dogs are vacuums when it comes to food; anything, everything – even the things that they’re not allowed to eat, they eat. Cooking for your dog may seem like an extreme, but there some exciting dog treats that you can make from home without buying from the store. These recipes can teach you how to make your own puppy treats, and if you are feeding your dog a balanced diet, they’ll be healthy on the inside and out.


Going for a walk is sometimes the most exciting part of the day for a dog. They get to get their nose into the neighborhood and smell everything. They can get out a lot of their energy and if you alternate your walking routes, you can ensure that your dog gets the workout that they need with excitement added on. Dogs should be walked morning and evening, but if you can slip in an extra walk in the day your dog will love you for it.


Dogs get familiar with new people really easily, and it’s a good idea to have your dog get to know new people because when you need to leave the dog for work or for other purposes, they will have yet another person to spoil them with belly rubs, walks and treats! It’s never a bad idea to get your dog trusting new people, so socialize them as much as possible with new people and they’ll learn to trust others.


Dogs and tricks. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and perhaps not, but a dog of any age will do what they can to learn new ones! Some breeds need to be entertained and kept busy. You can sign your dog up to classes to keep them worked out, entertained and having fun and this is the perfect way to spoil your dog. There are dog training books out there that you can choose as well as videos to watch. Once you know just how your dog likes to play, you can stick to a new routine.


While your dog is learning new tricks, you also need to ensure that they have enough toys to play with. Tug toys are a huge favourite with dogs of all ages and you can teach your dog to hunt by using treats and things to find. Dogs are naturally curious creatures and hunting is in their blood. Some breeds need a little more of a push than others to learn to hunt, but no matter which dog there will always be a wagging tail at the end of the game.


As part of their normal exercise routine, your dog will likely love to splash around in muddy puddles and jump in the lakes and oceans when you’re out and about. Swimming is excellent for your dogs joints, so taking him to play fetch in the water is a great way for him to cool down, get exercised and stay kind to his joints all at the same time. Always clean her ears after a swim to keep her healthy and bring her a fluffy towel to help her dry her coat afterwards.

Physical Touch.

You cannot hug your dog too much. Scratching the ears, rubbing his belly and playing with your dog with cuddles and love is going to have them fall in love with you all over again. It’s a great way to indulge your pup with some love and it brings you closer together! Belly rubs are the ultimate pooch pamper time, and you get the chance to be physical with the puppy who needs you as much as you need him.


Spoiling your dog isn’t all one sided. You’re adding exciting food options and exercise to your day for your dog to enjoy. Your dog waiting for you at home and bringing you their favourite toy? That’s their way of telling you that they love you. They want to show you that you bring them as much joy and affection as you do him; that’s why they curl up against you on the sofa or on your feet while you’re in bed. Your dog will protect you an be loyal to you fiercely, so don’t stop pampering your dog. The love that you’ll get in return is enough to last you a lifetime.

Your dog will always appreciate your effort with them, no matter what you may think when they pee on the floor. Love on your dog and they’ll love you forever.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Family Disaster Dogs at the Coos Bay OR Library Author Panel Event

Come meet me in Coos Bay Oregon and talk dogs!

Learn about evacuating with pets in earthquakes and wildfires!

Get a signed copy of my books

Learn how your dog can rescue you and help you evacuate or find missing family. member that wander away.  

Meet a great selection of authors on the wonderful Oregon coast!

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Evacuate with Your Dog's Help-Updated Survival Bag List-Dog CPR and more

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Learn how your dog can help you and all the supplies you will need to have ready to survive if stranded or waiting for rescuers to arrive.

Learn how and what supplies a dog of any size can carry.

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"Find It " Train any Dog to Find a Person or Missing Family Member

" Find it " 

Train any pet dog to find family members in case the person goes missing

You can use your dog to find children, elderly or family after earthquakes or floods.

Only do this trailing/tracking lesson with your dog 1 or 2 times a week. Skipping a week is okay because we do not want your dog to get tired of playing this game. 

If you haven't already, read the first lesson of  "Getting Started" and the Scent Articles  continue as instructed after the overview.

This lesson can be done indoors or outside, with a dog on leash or loose depending on the dog and where you want to practice. I often start this lesson indoors with a loose dog and a child playing hide and seek for the first few weeks.

These guidelines should be followed indoors as well as outdoors for the best results.

Start with a person your dog knows and only do this lesson with that person 2 to 4 times each session once or twice a week. 

After 2 weeks, if your dog is finding the person fairly easily then you can change people and scent articles and only then use a different person. If you change people or scents to early your dog could get confused and lose interest. 

If your dog ever loses interest then stop and play with them for a few minutes. Then do the lesson again step by step so your dog understands. The steps for this lesson will be posted on a separate page for easy reference.


Hold your dog by its collar as the person slowly runs and waves at the dog to a hiding place that is easy to find and only one turn away. 

Hold the scent article, the person's sock, to your dog's nose, say "Smell" and then turn your dog loose and say "Find so and so" use the person’s name, follow your dog to the person. More about the scent article below.

Your dog, no matter what age will attempt to find them.

If the dog does not start searching for anything and only stands there looking at you to find the person then encourage the dog to go with you and show the dog with excitement how fun it is to find the person. 

When you and your dog find the person, praise, praise, praise by you and have the person shower this dog with attention. Your dog will be so happy to do this again, you'll hardly be able to hold him.

Repeat the lesson a few times each day.

"Find It " continue on with this in mind..

It's okay for the hidden person to give your dog a treat if your dog is more inclined to work for food then love as long as you remember to replace the food with love in a few lessons.

Read lesson 6 " Making Trails" ( in the menu above you will find a lesson links page to this and all the lessons) to learn how the person should hide and how your dog will find them before your person hides to often. The dog can be easily confused and refuse to work if you ask them to think to hard at first or do to complex of a trail.

If you dog ever refuses to find a hiding person, go back to previous lessons and retrain until the dog is more confident and understands exactly what you are asking. Some dogs catch onto finding people right away and others take a little more encouragement.

Your dog must always find the person. 


After your dog has found the hidden person a few times, sometimes with help from the person calling out or making a noise then have the person be very quite so the dog learns to work people who are unconscious.

Even if your dog passes a hidden person let the dog go on until it stops on its own to turn around, they usually will turn around and find the person if given the time to move out of the air scent cloud they are working. This scent cloud can be far from the person and the dog has to learn to work out the scent cloud for later search experiences. 

 Never let the dog think it has not accomplished this and it will always lead you to them in a real life emergency. You must learn to Trust your dog's natural ability to find its pack.

Your dog is always right.

If he led you to a blanket and then goes to the closet to find the person, then the person has at one point or another touched this blanket.


Trust your dog and follow him and he will lead the way. After all, didn't you notice him standing there next to you wondering how he can help?

After a couple of weeks of playing hide and seek inside and outside, you can have the person stay hidden for a longer amount of time.

Start with the person hiding for 3- 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, gradually go up to 30 minutes. 

Once your dog finds a person who has been hidden 30 minutes, you can have the person hide without your dog seeing the person run away to hide. Give the dog the scent article, say "smell" and "Find 'em" the dog will go find the person using only the sock and trail left by the subject. More on this in later lessons. (look at the lessons link page above)

Always praise.  

Even if you had to lead the novice dog to the person. 

Never ever scold the dog during this training or he won't want to help you. 
This is one area of training we can not make a dog do, they can refuse and you don't want them to do that !

If you ever have to call in a missing person's report, give the officer in charge your frozen scent article to use with the police or search dogs. They will be impressed that you knew this helpful clue in the investigation and it will save valuable time.

Take the scent articles with you when the family goes camping or on hikes, one never knows when the scent article may come in handy. Don't forget to take your dog camping with you; they could be a life saver if anyone wanders away from camp.

Remember your dog has lived with you a long time, he knows each family member's name so ask him to find them by name, and then if the sock isn't available he can still help you in real life disasters.

Make sure nobody else has touched the sock (scent article) except the person the sock belongs to. This means you too. Pick the sock up using a stick or hanger and place in a Freezer bag by itself. Use one scent bag for each person. Do Not combine two scents.

During the first 2 weeks of training, use only one person a day for your dog to find or the dog may get confused. Once he has the idea, you can change scent articles and people in the next lesson.

 Never ever scold the dog during this training or he won't want to help you and this is one area of training we can not make a dog do, they can refuse and you don't want that.

A scenting dog is not trained by you, they do this naturally. Do not expect them to do so just because you tell them to.

Actually the dog is already scenting and following each new scent that comes their way. 

All you have to do is watch and follow the dog. This is especially apparent during an emergency. Never forget your dog’s unique scenting abilities or their abilities to find their pack members. 

Practice makes Perfect..use the Training Goal Page to judge your progress.

Be careful to avoid K9 Burn Out. ( read the article in the lessons page) 

Just like people who overwork, dogs can experience "Burn Out" and not feel up to preforming the job. 

If your dog loses interest then take a few weeks break and go back to training only one day a week at the most. Working actual tracking courses like discussed above every two weeks works well for most dogs. 

If some dogs are worked to often the fun goes out of the game for them, so the less often they get the chance to play or hunt the more excited they get when the hunt is on again.

Once your dog gets the idea and is finding people you can ask the person to hide for longer time, gradually make the time longer until you can have the person take a walk the night before and ask the dog to follow the person's scent trail the next morning.

For instance, the person is a friend or a child goes to spend the night at a friends, they leave your home the night before to walk to their home and the next morning before people have walked on the same path have your dog smell the person's scent article and start at the doorway to follow the scent trail to the friend's house...Praise the dog well, make this a very happy reunion and your dog will find them every time! 

Good Luck! 

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