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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Learn here How-to Be Ready to Evacuate with Pets this Wildfire Season

Are you ready? 

It's wildfire season on the west coast! 

Lockdowns are lifting, hopefully for good, and people are getting out more and more since Covid19 put us all inside away from each other. As more people move about outdoors and the climate warms up wildfires become a reality. 

After last season's deadly fires in several states I want to remind everyone to be ready to evacuate with your pets! Stay safe and be careful out there.

Watch my cute disaster video about how your dog can be a Family Disaster Dog!

Email me (use the contact page ) to learn how your dog can get a free membership and certificate stating they are Family Disaster Dogs. Join dogs from around the world learning to help their families survive. It's free!

Check out the "Evacuate with Your Dog's Help Book" 

It's now on Audible too! 

Click here to go to the Family Disaster Dogs book page

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Now on Audible- The Family Disaster Dogs and Evacuate with Your Dogs Help Books

 Now on Audible 

Hear the lessons while you train your dog!

Listen anywhere! 

Best of all, as a new Release preview, I'm giving you the books for Free to hear and download to your audible account on any device. If you do not have audibles click here to get a Free Trial on Audible to Listen to the Family Disaster Dogs Book  

Please share this page with friends and family so others can learn how dogs are willing to help us. Thank you 


If you Do Not use Amazon and would like a paperback or ebook copy of any of my books listed below. Contact me to buy one directly from the author and I will mail the books to you. Thank you!

⬇⬇ click the blue titles to go to Amazon Book Page

Available in Paperback, Kindle (free) and Audible (free) Free offers are for a limited time, visit the page soon. 

The Family Disaster Book  

Evacuate with Your Dogs Help

Both are available as Kindle and Paperback...
click the book cover above for more info 

I'm available for speaking at retail outlets, pet rescues, shelters, community groups and events at no cost to the group or event. I advertise, set-up and promote your cause, business or event. Contact me at

Friday, May 28, 2021

Remember the Fallen and Honoring Our Troops-Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Stay Safe out there this Memorial Day as Covid19 restrictions ease.

Remember the heroes who give their lives so other like us live!

Thank You for your service keeping us safe.

God Bless our troops past and present.

From all of us at


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Coming in 2021 a new Scent Dog Book, New Family Disaster Dog Site and more

 Coming in 2021

Welcome to the New Year 2021! 

With the start of the new year, I want to wish everyone the best in the coming months. 

I want to say Thank you for the support the last year, for the many visits, shares and comments to my articles and the Family Disaster Dogs blog, Facebook page and group. (look FB up)

Thank you for following me on Twitter at #UrDogCanRescueU   

It's come time to update this blog and make a few changes that will benefit you, me and dogs. 

copyright 2020

Here's what I'm working on for 2021 

A New Dog Training Book 

I hope to have this new dog training book available by spring 2021. As the book comes together I will share more news about what type of training. Be sure to sign up for newsletters in the pop-up window when you go to another post or first visit this post or join from the email box below this post. You can follow me on social media links below to get updates too!

A Whole New Family Disaster Dogs Website 

I've started to built a main FDD site several times over the years and the main reason I didn't is that this blog worked well. 

The page you are reading right now is a page of a blog that grew to look like a site. This way of getting information to everyone around the world has worked well for many years and grown to over 250 pages of articles I have wrote with a whole menu of pages. There are many daily visitors seeking more about search dog training and scent dogs.

In order to continue sharing a whole lot more information about dog training for disasters and missing persons plus make the info easy to find. I'm working on a new website that will include dog training courses, books, lessons, newsletters, a member's area, and more. I will making my books available directly from me, the author and dog trainer not only Amazon for those of you who would rather buy directly. I'm tired of the middle person web places making more than I do on my hard work. The books will stay on Amazon, Google and sites but also be available for download and purchase from my new site. All my courses will be available as direct download from me too. 

Once the virus is under control and life back to allowing me to have in-person events I will post updates for book signings, public speaking at community gatherings and dog training.

Feel free to contact me to talk dogs.

Stay safe and well out there!

Amber Higgins 


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