Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Preventing & Dealing With Dog Bites : The Ultimate Guide

Not all dogs bite, but some do, and as a dog owner you must know what to do in case the worse does happen.

Of course, it's not a subject that enough dog owners or those without first aid treating know much about, and that is why we have put together this guide, so read on for more information.

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Preventing dog bites

Of course, when it comes to dog bites, then prevention is always better than cure. What this means is that the proper training and care of your dog needs to be started from an early age.

In fact, sending them to obedience school, so they learn to obey your commands over their instinct can stop a situation where a bite would have occurred. Something that can save you, your pooch, and the person that gets bitten a lot of pain and heartache.

Besides, it's always best to be wary around a dog that you're not familiar with, especially if you suspect that they may not have been treated well. After all, us humans get tired and annoyed when we are hungry and uncomfortable, and the same goes for our canine friends.

When they occur

Next, when a bite happens your priority will be first to remove the dog's jaws from the victim. Obviously, this can be very difficult especially if the dog is of a breed were the jaw lock like a Pitbull.

However, there is some detailed advice online that can help you do this. Although, steer clear of the ones that tell you to stick the dog in the face as these are unlikely to work as it will just make the dog even angrier and hold on all the more.

Once you have removed the dog jaws from the victim, you also need to be mindful of your own safety and manage the dog's, so they don't attack you, anyone else, or the victim again.

Care of the person

Once the immediate threat is over, it's vital to give the victim first aid. In particular, blood loss from a dog bite can be a concern, so keep the wound elevated. Also, infection is a real issue when it comes to dog bite so clean the wound if you are able and apply an antiseptic cream before taking the victim to a hospital where they can get rabies and tetanus shots.

It's also likely that the victim will want to claim you if it was your dog that bit them, and therefore it's essential to provide them with your contact details, as well as recording exactly what happened for future reference. Then when their dog bite lawyer contacts you, you will have all the details to hand. Something that can make the entire process a lot easier.

Care of the dog

Once the person has been treated, you will also need to deal with your dog. Avoid punishing them physically for the bit as this may only result in them doing the same thing but even more unexpectedly the next time.

Instead, review material such as these that describe how to rehabilitate your dog and minimize the chances that they will bite again.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

5 Tips on Dog Nutrition

Dogs give us humans a lot back in terms of love, affection, support, warmth and happiness… of course, with the correct training they can even save our lives, but in a day to day context, the love and emotional support of a dog is second to none.

For this reason, it’s important we keep our dogs in the best shape possible and in addition to ensuring plenty of exercise, we must focus on their nutrition as canine nutrition is just as important and impacting as human nutrition.

Whilst the topic of dog nutrition sounds simple enough, it’s easy to forget the impact food has on our pets and some dog owners are so busy they might be better off keeping fish, as you can simply visit Pet Gear Lab, buy an aquarium filter, throw a few flakes of fish food into the water and that’s as arduous as it gets.

Dog’s require a lot of attention, exercise, love, company, and solid nutrition. In this vein, let’s take a look at five tips on dog nutrition.


Whilst you might view chocolate as a treat there are a number of foods that are poisonous to dogs – including chocolate, avocado, and the sweetener xylitol. It’s important you familiarize yourself with these, if you often give your dog human food.


There’s a lot of marketing hype around dog food, indeed dog food manufacturers spend as much on advertising as human food manufacturers. You need to look past the label, with its myriad of positive claims and head for the label on the back.

A lot of dog food is heavily processed and full of ‘fillers’. You therefore want to check the label, just like you would with human food, to confirm the main ingredient is a high protein meat and not all filler or junk.


We all love our dogs so much that we often overfeed them, as a treat. There are only a few ways we can express our love; the predominant channels being walks, cuddles, and food. The latter, can lead to an overweight dog, particularly if you’re guilty of dishing out dog treats in order to emotionally compensate having to leave your dog for a period of time.

If you have an overweight dog in need of a doggy diet, one of the best and most simple tips is to feed earlier in the day and increase exercise… just like you would with a human.


Humans spend billions on vitamins and supplements; yet animals can benefit from these too. A chronic condition that plagues most dogs, as they get older, are conditions like arthritis – by supplementing with preventative remedies such as omega oils or natural anti-inflammatories like aloe vera can really help.


Dogs need to drink little and often, particularly in summer, as dehydration can cause serious health problems… even death.

Just like humans, the higher the temperature and amount of exercise – the more your dog needs to drink. Having access to a plentiful supply of clean drinking water is critically important, as dogs can survive for a long time without food, but a very short time without water.

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