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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Mantrailing for Fun, Sport and Working Dogs from Family Disaster Dogs

Coming Soon...a new book that shows everyone how Mantrailing is a great activity to do with all breeds of dogs!

What is Mantrailing? 

Mantrailing is using a dog's natural hunting ability to find one person in a crowd.

Mantrailing is a bloodhound specialty that all breeds of dogs can do too!

Mantrailing dogs smell what we cannot see!

In my Family Disaster Dogs book I tell people how any breed of dog can find its family and friends who go missing. As a Mantrailing dog trainer for many years I use this type of training in my book and in person for family disaster dogs of all breeds. 

More recently, dog trainers, dog clubs and pet owners everywhere are starting to find out that this is a great activity not only for Search and Rescue dogs but for all dogs to learn as a fun play day outside or as a sporting event.

As I noticed Mantrailing becoming popular outside of K9SAR and after talking with a few trainers and SAR dog handlers/trainers, we realized there is a need for a book and step by step lessons to help show everyone how to do Mantrailing with all breeds. 

So I have been busy the last couple of months putting the knowledge I gained from 15 years of training and working with Mantrailing dogs and teaching others into a book with pictures and step by step instructions to help start dogs and owners/handlers on this amazing journey into the world of  finding hidden and missing persons with a dog. 

I'm writing the book in more or less three section, the first part covers a little history and what makes a mantrailing dog team. The second section gets everyone started in a very short time finding people with your dogs and pet dog owners who want to use this type of dog training as a fun game and outdoor activity will learn all they need in this second section. From there, you can go on to the next section to dig deeper and advance training for sport and competing in events or become a working search and rescue dog team. 

I will be posting more information soon. 

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The Nose Knows! That's my bloodhound Daisy (RIP)

Below is me working my current dog partner Washee on a trail to find a hidden person. 
We are mantrailing 

Here's some of the dogs featured in the new book

Mark and Bella training to Mantrail

Here's Super Kludde 
who has so many titles from sport and working dog events to list 
He actually paints on canvas with a paint brush held in his mouth 
He's learning Mantrailing, as one of the first dogs to compete in 
Mantrailing as a sport in the USA

Here's a team from RRI-Scotland learning Mantrailing

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Learn here How-to Be Ready to Evacuate with Pets this Wildfire Season

Are you ready? 

It's wildfire season on the west coast! 

Lockdowns are lifting, hopefully for good, and people are getting out more and more since Covid19 put us all inside away from each other. As more people move about outdoors and the climate warms up wildfires become a reality. 

After last season's deadly fires in several states I want to remind everyone to be ready to evacuate with your pets! Stay safe and be careful out there.

Watch my cute disaster video about how your dog can be a Family Disaster Dog!

Email me (use the contact page ) to learn how your dog can get a free membership and certificate stating they are Family Disaster Dogs. Join dogs from around the world learning to help their families survive. It's free!

Check out the "Evacuate with Your Dog's Help Book" 

It's now on Audible too! 

Click here to go to the Family Disaster Dogs book page

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Now on Audible- The Family Disaster Dogs and Evacuate with Your Dogs Help Books

 Now on Audible 

Hear the lessons while you train your dog!

Listen anywhere! 

Best of all, as a new Release preview, I'm giving you the books for Free to hear and download to your audible account on any device. If you do not have audibles click here to get a Free Trial on Audible to Listen to the Family Disaster Dogs Book  

Please share this page with friends and family so others can learn how dogs are willing to help us. Thank you 


If you Do Not use Amazon and would like a paperback or ebook copy of any of my books listed below. Contact me to buy one directly from the author and I will mail the books to you. Thank you!

⬇⬇ click the blue titles to go to Amazon Book Page

Available in Paperback, Kindle (free) and Audible (free) Free offers are for a limited time, visit the page soon. 

The Family Disaster Book  

Evacuate with Your Dogs Help

Both are available as Kindle and Paperback...
click the book cover above for more info 

I'm available for speaking at retail outlets, pet rescues, shelters, community groups and events at no cost to the group or event. I advertise, set-up and promote your cause, business or event. Contact me at

Friday, May 28, 2021

Remember the Fallen and Honoring Our Troops-Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Stay Safe out there this Memorial Day as Covid19 restrictions ease.

Remember the heroes who give their lives so other like us live!

Thank You for your service keeping us safe.

God Bless our troops past and present.

From all of us at


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