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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dog Lifestyle Coach and Dog Training Courses


Dog Lifestyle Coach 


Dog Training Courses

Get your dog a personal dog lifestyle coach ! or check out my

Online dog training courses---click here to learn more!

Advising dog owners since 1976!

Ask anything about Dogs!

Selecting a dog, evaluations, training, grooming, breeding, puppies, senior dog care

Online Dog Training Courses available in person too!

International Style Cadaver Dog

Family Disaster Dogs-includes trailing/tracking


Accepting Students 

In-person dog training: half-day seminar covers all skills to get you started in obedience or search dog discipline of choice

Distance Learning via Phone coaching and training

contact me via the contact page above for a free phone consultation

Let's train dogs!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Covid19 and Pets Information

COVID19 and Pets

Researchers and the CDC are still learning about how #COVID19 affects animals, but it appears that people can spread the virus to animals in some situations. 

Until they know more, they recommend that you limit contact with pets if you are sick or feeling sick. 

Here's excellent info from the American Veterinarian Association FAQ about Covid19 and Pets

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How-to Naturally Treat Joint Problems in Dogs

Here's a great guest post about understanding joint pain in dogs. This relates to cats also. During emergencies its good to know what may be causing our pet's stiff joints, especially if they are under the stress of evacuating or a big storm.

How to Naturally Treat Joint Problems in Dogs

Follow these tips to help your aching dog.

Dogs' joints experience degradation from running and jumping all around. For some dogs, that's a problem. Frequent and high-impact use of joints may lead to joint-related problems in dogs such as ACL tears and osteoarthritis. To learn more about the condition your dog may be experiencing and how to relieve your dog's pain best, read our guide below.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), is the inflammation of the joints caused by the degradation of cartilage. In dogs with osteoarthritis, cartilage cushion in the joints breaks down over time due to old age, repetitive stress, or disease.

  • Without the protective cartilage in joints, your dog may experience pain, inflammation, a decreased range of motion, and the development of bone spurs. 

  • Any joint in your dog's body can develop osteoarthritis. However, the condition most commonly affects the lower spine and the joints in the limbs.

What Are the Signs of Joint Problems?

Most of the time, owners notice that their dogs are moving less or are having more difficulty with their day-to-day activities. For example, your dog may have problems jumping up on to the couch, going up the stairs, or boarding your car. Athletic dogs experience joint problems as well. Perhaps your athletic dog is no longer keeping up with you during your morning runs or no longer wants to play at the dog park.

What Causes Osteoarthritis in Dogs?

Developmental and degenerative problems are the two leading causes of joint problems.

  • Developmental problems may manifest themselves through hip or elbow dysplasia, wherein joints no longer develop correctly.

  • On the other hand, degenerative joint problems may manifest themselves in the form of cruciate ligament problems, wherein ligament degenerates over time and causes instability.

How to Prevent Joint Injuries

You can prevent joint injuries in your dogs even before adopting them. If you're buying a purebred puppy, be sure to research the health problems that are associated with the specific breed. Most joint issues have some hereditary component to them. If you don't care about the breed, consider adopting a mutt. Mutts are less likely to develop joint problems. The genetic diversity in mutts dramatically limits the chances of orthopedic issues.

If you already have a dog, it is crucial to keep your dog at a healthy body weight throughout his or her life. Be sure to provide your dog with healthy food and sufficient exercise to keep him or her lean and in good condition.

Lastly, have your veterinarian evaluate your dog's joints and general health at least once a year. A lot of joint problems can be prevented if you catch them early enough.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, unfortunately, is a progressive disease with no known cure. The best thing dog owners can do is to prevent the development of osteoarthritis through diet, exercise, and supplements.

If osteoarthritis has already developed in your dog, you should shift your focus to controlling pain, decreasing inflammation, slowing the development of the disease, and improving quality of life.

Natural Treatments

1. Weight Management 

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight reduces the load that your dog's joints need to carry. It also decreases joint inflammation caused by fat.

2. Strengthening

A stronger and more muscular dog is a healthier dog. Muscle tissues protect your dog's joints. 

You can strengthen your dog through regular and safe exercise. If you'd like to take this a step further, you can consult a dog physical therapist.

3. Food & Supplements

Many food and supplements contain ingredients that can improve joint health for your dog. These supplements and ingredients may include:

  • Turmeric

  • Glucosamine

  • Chondroitin

  • Boswellia

  • Astaxanthin

  • Collagen

4. CBD Oil for Dogs With Joint Pain  

CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, it can effectively help treat certain inflammatory conditions.

Osteoarthritis, or simply arthritis, is one of the most common inflammatory conditions that dogs develop. One in four dogs experiences osteoarthritis in their lifetime.

Studies have shown that CBD oil may provide substantial and long-lasting relief in dogs with osteoarthritis when given twice a day at appropriate doses.

When to Visit Your Vet

If your dog is suffering from severe joint pain and none of the above remedies seem to work, you'll need to bring your dog to the vet for x-rays and proper evaluation.

Your veterinarian may order scans of both of your dog's hips or take scans of both sides of your dog's body, regardless of whether your dog experiences pain in only one side.

Dogs are naturally stoic and rarely display signs of pain. Instead, they may show signs of discomfort by sending you subtle signals in the form of behavioral changes. You know your dog best, so only you will know when your dog is acting strangely.

Look out for behavioral changes, such as your dog sleeping more than usual or displaying a shift in attitude. Your dog may also express a loss of interest in playing or other regular activities. Many of these signs may be subtle, so it's essential to pay close attention to your dog.

If anything looks out of the ordinary and natural remedies don't seem to work, contact your vet immediately.


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Elizabeth Racine, D. (2019, July 28). Osteoarthritis in Dogs - Signs and Treatment. Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

Thursday, June 11, 2020

2020 Monthly Dog Training Workshops and Online Courses Obedience, Family Disaster Dog and Search Dog

New for 2020...

Now that my books are published I have time to offer dog training classes again and because of the Virus, I'm offering a little different way for us to train your dog using praise and motivation without any harsh methods. Along with Practicing Social Distancing amid the Covid19 Virus Pandemic

Meet with me for dog training 3 ways

  • Monthly 
  • Learn Online
  • Learn via Phone or Video Chat

Pick a Class Below and click > to Sign-up by sending me an email 
You will be contacted after sign-up to arrange dates and pay at class

Phone Advice and Dog Training $25.00 a hour by appointment 

Private one-on-one Dog Training In-person 1 hour $100.00 by appointment (the average rate in the USA) We meet at a park in Gold beach Oregon and because of the virus I no longer come to your house as I have in the past.

Once a Month 2 day weekend of Fun Dog Training Workshop
Group class dog training

Instead of the usual weekly Obedience or Family Disaster Dogs and Search Dog Training Class that covers one skill a week. We meet over a weekend to train for 2 days and you receive hand-outs for homework to practice at home

  • I teach you how-to handle and train your dog 3 skills instead of 1 skill
  • Spend at least about 6 hours over 2 days training dogs in beautiful Gold Beach, Oregon 
  • Each day is 2 to 3 hours of discussion and instruction to a small group of dogs and owners . 
  • Come once learn the skills you want or come every month to advance in skills
  • Lodging and camping recommendations available if your visiting from out of the area

Pick one course Below and sign-up 

  • Family Disaster Dogs $ 150.00 for both days
Day 1:  Discussion about Preparing for Disasters and Evacuation with a Dog's Help
You will learn what supplies to have and carry to be prepared for emergencies and teach your dog to help during evacuation. You'll also learn and pack an emergency Go-Bag (Bug-out Bag) with survival items.

Day 2:  Start Training your Dog to Find Missing Family and Friends 
Your dog will be finding a family member at the end of this fun weekend and the whole family will know what to do when disasters strike.

1 of my dog training books included, your choice

Here's the Family Disaster Dogs Video Trailer

We have dogs all over the world awarded certificates as Family Disaster Dogs

Send me a picture of your dog doing a lesson or carrying a bug-out bag for membership and certificate.

Join the pack on Twitter !  @URDogCanRescueU

  • Obedience and Manners $150.00 for both days
1st. month skills taught: Walk Nice on Leash, Come when Called, Sit-Stay, Manners as needed
2nd. month skills taught: Heel with Sit, Lay-Stay, Put all Skills Together

  • Trailing-Tracking Live People or Animals  $300.00 both days
Best for 6 month and older dogs who enjoy following people around and playtime

1 month: Start Dog Searching for Live Unknown People
Each month after advances training the dog to find missing persons hours/days later on multiple surfaces in all weather, urban and rural, log training hours, aspects of response

  • Cadaver-HRD for Search and Recovery Dog  $300.00 both days

6 month to 3 years old dogs who love to play ball and focus on toys do best

1st Month Start Searching for Human Remains Scent and learn about training aids, source, making training baits 
Each month after advances training the dog to alert on human remains scent in buildings, vehicles, urban, rural, water shoreline, log training hours, aspects of response

2020 Dog Training Virtual Courses and Coaching-Online  
Unlimited Class Size and Lifetime Access 

New in June 2020 Dog Lifestyle Coaching is coming online at the courses below

$45.00 hour any dog subject or training you want to discuss and learn about;

Family Disaster Dogs, Emergency Preparedness, Search Dogs, Obedience, Grooming and Puppy Care are a few of the areas we can cover.

Sign-up Below

Now Accepting students

Learn in the comfort of your home where emergencies happen !

Open for Students
Click one to Sign-up and Read about Course
Trailing-Tracking Dog Courses

Online Courses include step by step instructions,
 pictures, videos and direct access to instructor

Learn with the author of 
"Family Disaster Dogs" and  "My Puppy Can Find Me "
"Evacuate with Your Dog's Help"

Includes your choice of
2 books and a certificate of graduation

 40 years dog training and handling experience

Retired kennel and pet spa owner, professional master groomer (retired)
Certified K9SAR Bloodhound specialty and all breed-Search Dog Volunteer (retired)
30 years producing accomplished dogs (retired)

Training dogs since 1976

I'm well known for using gentle knowledgeable handling skills and 
positive praise to establish teamwork

Here's Washee showing off her education.

Get your dog an education today!

Let's Share on Social Media !

Let's enable each family to respond

and do something while waiting for help

during neighborhood emergency and disaster incidents,

extreme weather and terrorist attacks.

Good Luck and Be Safe !

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