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Saturday, April 25, 2020

30 Days in Lock Down Pandemic

Hi Everyone,

I just want to say,

 I hope everyone and their loved ones are doing as good as can be expected, if not much better, in this crazy times we are having with the corona virus!!! Covid-19 or aka- the pandemic that has swept around the world in the last 2 months...what a unexpected change of events for us all.

Please stay safe and keep the dogs well too!

Everything will be okay, if not then it is not okay yet!!

Stay at home unless told otherwise by officials because they do know more than we do, it's their job to take care of us in the best way they know how...we the people voted them in or hired them so let's just stay safe, and let them work on this. All around the world scientist and researchers, hospitals and governments ARE working 24/7 to spot this corona bug that is after us..

We aren't in this alone, the whole world is together on fighting this and trying to keep everybody do your part and stay home, enjoy the at home vacation as much as possible.

It's not permanent, the world and we will adjust learning a new way to live with this new invisible threat or eventually contain it. Like other viruses and diseases before Corvid 19- ....the mumps, polio, scarlet fever, chickenpox, measles which many of us remember or heard of from our parents...we will over come this one too!

Carry on

Stay Calm

Stay Safe

Hug your dog because you can always play fetch with them indoors too, hide something the dog likes and ask them to find it...hide yourself or somebody in another room and ask your dog to find..Play hide and seek inside or in your own yard for some time away from all the bad news and exercise.

I'm working on a huge project that I will unveil here on Family Disaster Dogs 

Follow us or check your mail for updates coming soon!!

Read one of my books if your bored at home, smiles and have some fun with your dog...there's many fun things in books, here's the Family Disaster Dog Book link, the other books are at my author page there..

Take care and carry on!!

Stay well,

Amber and Washee wolf

We bugged-out from that Corvid-19 bug !! haha
Back soon...stay save! 

UK Visitors

Welcome UK visitors to Family Disaster Dogs online! Although I'm an American author and dog professional the worldwide web has given me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful folks who have contributed pictures for my books. The "Start Mantrailing" book features RRI North Scotland Search Dog "Amber" on the cover and her teammates in the book, plus American dogs I know. The children's picture book "My Puppy Can Find Me" has my daughter and bloodhound as illustrations by UK cartoonist Scotty King. You can find the books on Amazon UK or visit my book page above to order from me.

Author Amber Higgins

Author Amber Higgins
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