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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pet CRP Course from Dr Libbie Fort

Freddy says learn CPR!
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Hi everyone,

One of the most important skills we can learn to be ready for emergencies is CPR. ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) This emergency lifesaving procedure is performed when the heart stops beating.

Studies and practice have proven that Immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest. A heart does not have to have medical issues to stop beating, some animals can die of fright or from trauma. Rabbits and some birds are super sensitive and the shock of a traumatic situation has been known to bring on death. CPR immediately does work, I have used it on newborn pups with success too.

CPR can be preformed on dogs and cats too, in a very similar way as human CPR with the right positioning of the animal and the number of compression and breaths.

I wrote an article about K9 CPR back in 2012 at the time, there wasn't as much information about how-to do K9 CPR as there is today. I encourage you to make sure you have an educated source to teach you because so much on the internet is fake.

I'm happy to update you and others about the correct way to preform this life saving maneuver.

Today, I want to share some very valuable information and a course with you about how-to perform CPR on your dog from veterinarian Dr. Libbie Fort DVM

On her blog this week she is sharing an introduction to canine CPR where she tells us about the three major things we need to know for successful canine CPR.

Here's what Dr. Libbie wants us to know;

"I summarize the three things that you must understand. The three concepts that will benefit you or your dog-- if you know and understand these concepts prior to learning canine CPR.

Knowing how to perform EFFECTIVE canine CPR is an essential skill and a vital tool to have in your tool box, because we do not have 911 for our pups. We do not have emergency medical services... yet."

So click here to head on over to the blog and read about the three core pillars to effective canine CPR. And get excited to learn doggo CPR in the weeks to come!!

Inside this live training, complete with a PDF workbook and a Q & A at the end I will walk you through:
  • An easy to understand introduction to canine CPR where we define our goals and our role as a first responder- so you fully understand the method behind the madness, which promotes retention
  • Step by step initial assessment- so you can diagnose the need for CPR quickly and accurately
  • The latest recommended technique- including chest compressions, mouth to snout, and how to monitor.... so you know without a doubt if it is working
  • An easy to remember roadmap to canine CPR success- I am taking away all the guesswork with this one!
  • And finally... continual access to a password protected members area where you can watch the replay at your leisure for review... I will also be posting updated recommendations in this area so you stay current!
  • **JUST ADDED** A wallet size downloadable canine CPR reference card- to jog your memory in the moment when seconds matter.
Feel free to reach out with any and all questions.


Libbie Fort, DVM

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