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Monday, January 21, 2019

Pamper Your Pooch With These Seven Suggestions

We humans are biologically built to be selfish. We make a conscious choice to be selfless with our time and our love, but when it comes down to it, we do what we can for survival. Dogs? Dogs will put themselves at risk to save our lives - and sometimes, we don’t deserve it. 

Dogs are the animals in our lives that will do everything to make us happy, from the moment we walk in through the door after work to the moment they beg for a walk, all dogs do is try to make us happy and stay loyal. Dogs are so much more than just pets, too

They are hunters, they are protectors, they are intuitive beasts that can sense more than we know, which is why there are dogs out there that can sniff out illness, drugs and even rescue people from harrowing situations. For all their loyalty and their love, dogs need to be pampered.

Pampering your pooch is so much more than just chucking them a treat every now and then. Our pets get the best attention and loyalty from us, and we have to put the effort in to make our dogs feel as loved as they make us feel. And the best thing is that our dogs love to be pampered as much as we love it. 

They love to know that they’re loved, as they show us every single day just how loved we are. With all of that in mind, here are seven ways that you can spoil your dog and make them happy, enhance their lives and making them feel loved.

Man and Dog Walking in the Mountain

Make Your Treats Homemade.

There’s nothing wrong with the shop bought treats; they’re convenient and they’re sold as products designed for dogs. However, homemade treats? So. Much. Better. You would rather a home cooked roast dinner over a microwaved meal, right? Your dog will agree, too. Baking dog treats at home with these recipes can be so much better nutritionally for your pet. Not only can you make high-quality treats, you can make them as natural as possible. Homemade treats really go down well and you can really see their happiness at your effort.

Doggy Spa Day, Anyone?

Good grooming, that’s all. Dogs are the ones that look forward to a pet, a bath and a brush, and positive grooming experiences can leave your dog feeling amazing. Take your dog to the groomers for a bath, brush and a cut if necessary. You can also hire people to come and make your dog feel relaxed and calm as part of the experience with doggy massage. Pooch spa days are very popular, and you can have your dog feeling secure and reinvigorated whenever you book them in.

Plan A Pooch Vacation.

We love to take our dogs away from home for a while and go for hikes in the forests, wanders in the woodlands and gambols in the green. No one likes to put their dog into boarding if they can avoid it, but there are special dog boarders that is almost like a luxury dog vacation! Pet resorts are a thing, and they get walked group play and one to one time with a professional puppy person. You don’t have to board your pet if you don't want to, because luxury dog carers who live in their own home or who can come to yours exist!

Dog Pulling His Toy

Pay For Doggy Day Care

You’re at work all day, and that’s not always fair for your dog. If you spend a lot of time away from your dog, you’re going to have to consider how much interaction they’re getting. Doggy day care can give your pet a chance to get out, run around, train and feel secure and loved while you aren’t there. The socialization is great for them and the constant running around can make them happy and tired for being ready to be at home again. You can even find daycare facilities that will collect and drop off your dog!

Vets, Ahoy!

The dog doesn't like going to the vet. You don't like taking your dog to the vet. However, it’s one of those things that we have to do even when we don’t want to. A part of pampering your dog is to ensure that they are healthy from teeth to toes, and it’s one of the ways that you can spoil your dog. His health is important, as is yours, and you can really help your dog to feel calm and happy purely by making sure that their vet appointments were attended each time.

Backyard Heaven

You have the space, and your dog needs the exercise. If you create a backyard heaven for your dog with a fence to keep them secure, shelter from the elements and a self-filling water dish that your dog can drink from when they want to. You can even add in a little zone where they can dig down and get muddy without ruining the rest of your garden. If you have a cat, and they’d be okay with it, install a doggy door to the house so yours can come and go as he pleases.

Sleeping Time

Your dog is likely to want to sleep on the sofa or up on the bed where you sleep. However, that’s not always okay! You can buy your dog a stylish bed or area to sleep piled with lots of blankets and pillows to make their space comfortable. Older pets with arthritis will always feel appreciative of a heated bed with tons of pillows that’s easy to get in and out of.

Your dog needs to be pampered and all your pet wants is your time and to know he’s loved. Take the time to pamper your pooch and let him know that you care about his well being. Dogs pick up on a lot more than we think, and we should do what we can to show them as much loyalty as possible.

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