Friday, August 26, 2016

The Purpose of the Wrinkles on a Bloodhound

The Purpose of the Wrinkles on a Bloodhound

Many Bloodhounds are very reserved, wary and what can appear shy to people who don't know them and the dogs may react in strange surroundings by bolting away from what has suddenly drawn its attention. The dogs will often spook at loud noises and flashes of objects or movement. Not all Bloodhounds do this but many do and it's actually nothing to do with being shy or scared it’s more about being smart and savvy.

I learned this first hand from Incredible Sue, who would not let anybody touch her unless she had found them in work or lived with them and I for at least six months. She would follow and find anybody and proved to be incredible in many ways.

"Rea Valley's Incredible Sue" My first Bloodhound 1996-2006
Born in Indiana, raised and worked in Arkansas, retired in Oregon

They will look afraid to us when most of them aren't, the dogs are only getting the bearings on their surroundings and using their senses to figure out what the noise was or flash of movement under a ton of wrinkles and loose skin in the way.

Good trailing Bloodhounds can be very wary and shy of new things because they are always ready to work a scent so they pay attention to nothing but the nose, if the nose is down the eyes are covered by wrinkles and folds of skin that capture and trap scent around the dog's face and nose as the dog moves the ears flap moving, fanning the air with the scent up from the ground into the wrinkled face making the dog the excellent, one and only breed to be able to do this, the Bloodhound.  

 Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham

Sambo 1999

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