Family Disaster Dogs



This book tells you how your 
family dog can come to your aid during a Disaster.

Every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends.

Dogs do this on their own everyday without us noticing.

From the author; 
(This information is based on my experience as a Volunteer Search Dog Handler, Bloodhound breeder and SAR team member. You can learn about me on the author page)

Hi and welcome to Family Disaster Dogs. I wanted to tell you a little bit about this blog and welcome you to share the information with friends and family so everybody can learn more about why and how we should be ready in case a disaster or emergency ever hits. 

The dog training and emergency preparedness lessons on this blog are from the Family Disaster Dog Book which I wrote while posting on this blog. When I first got the idea for the book I wanted to get the lessons out to you and everybody sooner then the time it would require to put a book together and find a publisher.

I felt a need to get this valuable information to everybody as soon as I could so I started posting lessons here soon after beginning the book.

I started writing the book while living on the Oregon coast in 2011. The whole town and coast line were evacuated and under Tsunami warning from the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. The book was finished and published in 2015 by Tate Publishing. 

There are several more lessons included in the Family Disaster Dog book and a list of the items to pack in the dog backpack discussed in these lessons.

I'm working on a Family Survival Dog book to be published next.

You can get a signed print version of the Family Disaster Dog book from me directly via the contact page button above and I will throw in free poster ! 
(This is the fastest way to get a copy in the mail)  

or get a Ebook version and print copy from Tate Publishing Click HERE.

Look for it on Amazon or Barns and Noblie Bookstores too !

Family Disaster Dog Chloe 

On the Lesson page and in articles posted here you can find ways to practice with your family pet and learn how to save your family, neighbors and friends in a natural disaster or emergency situation where you must strive to survive.

Included in the Family Disaster Dog book are 95 pages of dog training lessons 
that have been posted here since 2011. 

A few of the skills you and your dog will learn in the book ...

How Your Dog Can Rescue You in a Disaster !

How to Find a Lost Family Member !

Your dog becomes a Messenger Dog to carry aid if You are trapped !

Your Dog Brings You Items by Name !

Shelter in Place in rubble, woods or city settings !

Prepare for Emergency !

Dog Backpacking for Disaster !

You dog can be like Lassie !

Included is a complete list of what you will need to have to survive any disaster or emergency.

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What is a Family Disaster Dog ?..It's Your Dog Helping You! 

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