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Family Disaster Dogs
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" How-to Evacuate with Pets " 

Kindle book explains how to teach any dog to carry a bug-out saddlebag and 
what to do when evacuation is called.

Includes a detailed list of what items to pack for pets and people to survive.

Every pet and person should have a bug-out bag ready in case they have to evacuate.

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Family Disaster Dog Chloe 

Your Dog Can Rescue You in a Disaster !

Any Dog Can Find a Lost Family Member and neighbors !

Included is a complete list of what you will need to survive any disaster or emergency.

Read why Training your dog is important on the Disaster page

Equipment needed page click here

Glossary and Terms of Words Used to Train Search Dogs Here

Learn about Scent Article on this Page

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Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook: Prepper's SuThe Ultimate Prepper's Guide to Preparing Emergency First Aid and Survival Medicine for you and your Family

Survival Medicine: Handbook to the prepper's long term survival guide

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Missing Persons

Let's Share

Let's enable each family to respond

and do something while waiting for help

during neighborhood emergency and disaster incidents,

extreme weather and terrorist attacks.

Good Luck and Be Safe !