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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Live in a Disaster

How to live in a Disaster

Your family dog can help you in a disaster. This page outlines how your dog can help you and what you can ask your dog to do for you.

Action not reaction can save your life as well as your family’s lives in the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane, flood or tornado. 

In the event of an emergency

Keep calm so you can calm those around you.

Call your dog to you. 

Willie's Ready

If your dog has not been trained to retrieve a dog backpack upon command then you should have your “Go-bag” with emergency supplies at hand or packed in a dog backpack that you can put on your dog so no matter where you both are you have first aid supplies, food and supplies for 24-72 hours.

Your dog can carry these for you and do not forget to put some dog food in the go-bag. Bottle of water can be tied to your dog and a harness will make tying equipment onto your dog easier. Your dog can be quite the pack animal in an emergency and they will be pleased to help at your time of need, why he is there with you, by your side.

If you are missing a loved one...ask your dog to show you were they are.

Encourage your dog with praise as you follow them to the person.

Read your dog and what for signs of where the people are. 

If your dog stops and looks up or down then pay close attention to why your dog is doing this or that.

If you are in an earthquake or situation where the ground or surface can shift then your dog could hear the shift before it jolts you off your feet while you may not hear any noise. In a collapsed building or unstable environment your dog can alert you to danger. If you are paying attention to your dog then you will see warning signs your dog displays to you which can help you on your way out or over the collapsed building.

Even without training most family dogs do know who lives in the house by name. Be sure and use your dogs’ name when asking and the person’s name who want found. Make it important and your dog will take you serious plus because you are in an actual disaster your dog will not be in its normal mood or mode but also in a survival mode or mind set just like you.

If you have followed any of the lessons on this site then you will be more prepared to respond when an emergency or disaster strikes.

If you have not followed any of the lessons then what do you have to lose in an actual disaster by asking your dog to help? Even reading this one page can help you during a time when you least expect it.

In the event of a disaster; 

Find a safe place for a base camp where supplies can be stored and people gathered.

To avoid further injury or stress to survivors it is best to make camp and wait for rescuers who will bring supplies. Rescuers can not find you if you are moving around. It is much easier to reach a group then people spread everywhere.

Next, treat the injured the best you can.

Wait for rescuers to arrive with supplies.

Once camp is set up then you and your dog can locate who might be missing. Try to take a person or two with you as back up in case you need help digging somebody out or moving an object, or carrying an injured person. 

Do not take more then 2 or 3 volunteers because to many people can make traveling on rough surfaces more dangerous. Plus volunteers who stay at base camp can do another shift later after resting or they can help at base camp.

Be sure and gather any food or supplies you find to take back to base camp.

If you have your “Go-Bag” or 24-72 survival pack, your dog and your loved ones...
You will be fine at base camp until rescuers reach you.

This is the type of Go-Bag or 24-72 hr survival pack in this article.

Thank you for Visiting

Next lesson will be how to train your dog to indicate where a lost person is...

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