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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Keep Your Canine Best Friend Comfortable As They Age!

Dogs are not just our pets; they are our unconditional best friends, more part of the family that some humans! Sadly, their lifespan is significantly shorter than ours, and that means we will have to deal with them during their senior years as well as when they are young puppies.

However, there are some tactics you can use to keep your mutt in tip-top condition, comfortable, and around for as long as possible as they age. 

Read on to find out what they are.

Look after their teeth.

Teeth can be a critical issue in a dog's’ health. In fact, the teeth are an area that is particularly at risk as dog get older. Specifically, plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease can affect your dog, can be painful, cause problems with their eating, and if not treated in time can mean the offending teeth need to be removed, something that necessitates the use of general anesthetic and the risks that go with it.

Of course, concerning teeth, prevention is always better than cure, and that means providing you dog with teeth cleaning treats and toys regularly throughout their lives as suggested at You can also brush their the teeth manually, something you can learn how to do in the video below.

Maintain a healthy weight.
Next, an essential part of keeping your dog comfortable as he ages is to keep their weight under control. Now, this can be something of a tall order especially if your pooch likes the odd treat or tidbit off of your plate. However, it is essential to their well being because obesity in dogs is linked to all sort of medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and increased strain on arthritic joints.

With that in mind, it is vital that you deal with your dog's diet and only feed them the calories they need. Something that can help with this is to provide them with treat puzzles and toys that require activity to release the food items.

Deal with any health conditions.

To keep your dog comfortable as they age it is vital to deal with any health conditions that arise. Although, sometimes no matter how much you focus on keeping them healthy while they are young, their genetic predisposition and even bad luck can mean that your pooch will still have an illness or disease in later life that needs treatment.

Luckily, vets are adept at picking up on these and treating them in a way that ensures our dog remains comfortable as possible during their older years. You can even help things along by providing treats such as the one available on to help calm or offer pain relief to your pooch if he is suffering. Something that no owner wants to see!

Adapt their day to day life as they get older.

Lastly, do be sure to adapt your life and routine to match your dogs as they age. What this means is that you may need to provide them with a quiet space in the home or garden where they can rest uninterrupted. Alternatively, you may have to reduce the length and speed of their walks to account for their reduction in mobility as the years go by.

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