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Friday, November 21, 2014

Family Disaster Dogs

On March 11, 2011 a tsunami was generated in Japan that spread as far as the Oregon Coast. This event set off our emergency warning system and tsunami sirens that woke the whole town up with evacuate calls to each house at three in the morning.

While I sat on the sofa, prepared and waiting to evacuate with my retired Search and Rescue Bloodhound, Daisy, the idea of Family Disaster Dogs came to me.

I look at her and thought the average family dog could help its own family during emergencies just like search dogs do.

I realized the importance of a family dog already on site and how much valuable time this could save.
And, how easy it could be for the average family to teach their dog to rescue them and find family members in the comfort of home whenever they had time.

The more I thought about the idea the more dog training lessons came to mind and I began to write the Family Disaster Dog Book and this site that night with Daisy by my side until the end of the first draft like she would have been to the end of a trail. Miss Daisy passed away as the book’s draft came to the end in Sept of 2013.

Bloodhounds taught me that one of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one. Twelve years spent training them and other dog breeds in search dogs skills taught me that every dog has the ability to find its own family members or friends.

Dogs do these skills on their own every day without us noticing. Teaching your family pet to come to your aid during an emergency is not as difficult as one might think.

Our dogs are usually following us around very willing to offer a helpful paw whenever we need one. All we have to do is learn how to ask the dog for help in unusual or disaster situations.

These lessons take into consideration that family dogs come in all sizes, shapes, ages and personalities like the families they live with. Each lesson is tailored to fit into a family situation and the home is the class room.

For this reason, this book is not the ordinary step by step manual of how to train your dog to be on a leash doing exactly what you say.

Search dogs have to think on their own like family dogs do while interacting in human activities which makes a family dog the ideal student for search dog purposes.

Search dog handlers have to learn to work with a dog’s natural ability and most of the training involves learning how to read the dog’s actions, along with how to have the dog show us what they find.

House dogs do this every day by showing us when they want to play with a favorite ball or go outside for a walk. Most dogs are not obedience or police dog candidates; they are pets whose owner has taken the time to show them what to do.

House dogs are preforming search dog skills all the time without us recognizing or knowing they are. When the family dog follows children around the yard or comes to find you at dinner time they are doing what search dogs do.

Your dog is finding, searching, locating and signaling you.

Oregon Bloodhound Rescue

Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Dog Training Lessons

The author's Daisy
The reason for this site 

Is to train as many Family Dogs as possible to be able to assist every family in the World when emergencies strike. 

In doing so, time can be spared waiting for response from other rescue teams who upon arrival can work to further aid the family in the situation.

When a large scale disaster strikes, such as Katrina, Irene and the tsunami earthquake in Japan, time is critical to survival and search teams have their hands full with a large number of call outs. 

The trained Family Disaster Dog can help rescuers by saving time because the dog is on location at the time of the incident.

Additionally, at least one family member is trained in the basic SAR techniques so they can help their own family and friends while awaiting outside response. 

Another benefit  of having your dog trained to help you in an emergency is that if your neighborhood is cut off from outside help (which happens) then you can help your own loved ones and neighbors. 

Just think, if all the neighbors have dogs then you can form your own search and rescue team just like a neighborhood watch group.

This site will help you in all areas of setting up your own dog and friend's dogs to assist in any disaster or missing person incident.

If a grandmother or child wanders away and gets lost, you can help. If your family is camping, take your dog. 

Very few people get lost with dogs with them and if anybody wanders off the trail then you can ask your Family Disaster Dog to go find them. 

All you have to do is read the lessons pages, work with your pet and email if you need any advice. 

In the Page Menu on the Right -------->>>>>>>

You can Read why Training your dog is important on the Disaster page

Find what Equipment is needed page on the Equipment Page

There is a Glossary and Terms of Words Used Page

Learn about Scent Article on this The Scent Article Page

Full Free Lessons listed on the Lesson Page Link in the top right sidebar ----->>>>>

Lesson 1: Taking scent and scent articles

Lesson 2: To Leash or Not to Leash

Lesson 3: Start Searching for a lost person

Lesson 4:  "Find it!"

Lesson 5: How to use a Tracking Leash part 1

Lesson 6: More Leash Work  part 2

Lesson 7: Tracking Leash part 3

Lesson 8:  Avoiding Burn Out

Lesson 9:  How to stop bad behavior

Lesson 10: How to hide from a dog

Lesson 11:  Scent Behavior

Lesson 12:  How to Read a Dog

Lesson 13:  How to Train your dog to do a Building Search

Lesson 14:  Train your dog to do an  Air Scent and Area Search

Lesson 15: How your dog will be  Indicating and Alerting a Found person

Lesson 16:  Is the dog collar on right?

Lesson 17:  How to use a Choker Chain Collar properly

Lesson 18:  How to use a leash

Lesson 19: Finding Evidence and Objects with your dog

Lesson 20: Planning Dog Training Courses and Routes   part 1

Lesson 21: Planning Dog Training Courses, Laying Trails  part 2

Lesson 22 : Advancing in Search Dog and Survival Training

Lesson 23: Aging Tracking Dog Training Courses and Trails

Lesson 24:  Learn Area Search Basics

Lesson 25: How to do Area Search Training

Lesson 26: How to do Cadaver Dog Training

Lesson 27: How a dog can Alert to Danger

Part 1: Teaching your dog to alert you to danger  Part 1 Alert to Danger

Part 2: Teach your dog Part 2 Alert to Danger

Lesson 28:  Dog learns how to come back to you after they find somebody or thing
which is called Teaching Refind or Return to Handler

Lesson 29: Your dog brings you items you need Retrieve and Go-Get Object

Lesson 30: Dog learns item by name to bring you Retrieve Object by Name

Lesson Test: How your dog will help you evacuate -What To Do when Alarm Sounds

Lesson 31: How to Find a Lost Person with Your Dog

Lesson 32: Training a Dog To Do Tracking

Lesson 33: Training a Messenger Dog -Go between 2 people

Go to the Lesson Page in The Page Menu (top right sidebar) for links to each lesson.

Amber working a Bloodhound pup

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