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Tracking: dog smells and follows the exact foot print of a person

Trailing: dog smells and follows the scent cloud left behind by a moving person

Laying a Trail: Making a planned course or route for the dog to follow

Trail Layer: Person who walks to make a trail and hides for the dog

Trail Marker Flags: Tissue paper or biodegradable paper

Handler: Dog's owner-handler 

LKL: Last Known Location of the lost person 

LKL = (means)Start of Trail

Tracking Dog: Follows the exact route or steps of a person determined by a scent article which identifies the person 

Trailing Dog: Follows the scent cloud behind the person determined by a scent article which identifies the person

Area Search Dog:  Dog is released to scan an area for any human scent

Air Scenting Dog:  Smells the air for any scent they are trained to locate

Cadaver Dog: Is trained to find cadaver scent

Water Dogs: Indicate the location of a person underwater

Moses the Golden Retriever Water Training 

Indicate: dog tells handler by barking,sitting or recall that the person is found

Read a Dog: handler looks for clues from the dog in order to understand what the dog finds along the way

Go-Bag, Bug-Out Bag, 24 or 72 Hour Pack: Backpack you and your dog carry that contain 3 days worth of survival gear, food, water and first aid supplies.

In Memory of Blue Boy Homer
Bloodhound Officer

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