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Help my new book get into major book stores and major outlets by pre-ordering from my publisher today so all children and parents can learn how to ask the household puppy dog to find mom or the child if they are lost or separated.

"My Puppy Can Find Me" children picture book with UK dog cartoonist Helen Scotty King illustrations will be released later this year and in the meantime to say Thank you for all pre-orders from my publisher, I will send you a free copy of my other book, "Evacuate with Your Dog's Help-Survival Bag List"

Let's all show children and parents that the family dog knows how to find them if they are lost.

It's not hard because your dogs find you everyday when they are hungry or want to play. This simple book shows children this valuable talent our dogs have.

The more pre-orders and interest a book gets during publishing and launching the better chance it has, out of the many thousands of books that come out daily, to be picked up by stores such as Walmart, Target and Barns & Noble who don't have the space to carry all books.

After you order from Waldorf Publisher, send proof of order to me at to get your gift book sent out.

Thank you and please share

pre-ordering a copy here and read about the book

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Great Book for Food Storage 

Food Storage  Prepper's Guide to Food Storage

The Best Site for Medical Emergencies when a Doctor is not available along with herbal gardening and prepping for bug-out situations. 
Survival Medicine at  Doc Bones and Nurse Amy

USA Missing Persons Resources

Lets Bring Them Home site for Adult Missing Persons Let's Bring Them Home

USA Office of Justice hosts an online Live Missing Person Database and Medical Examiners can post information about unidentified persons. Namus

Missing Person Database  persons missing list

USA Federal and Local Resources

How to Prepare for a Disaster or Emergency  Get Ready Site

USA Federal Emergency Management =  FEMA

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Center for Disease Control

 Get Government Disaster Assistance Disaster Assistance

 National Weather Service National Weather

American Red Cross Red Cross  

Disaster News  Disaster News

Tornado Tracking Site  Tornado Project

Volcano Monitoring Site  Volcanoes

Wildfire Maps and Dangers  Wildfire

Avalanche Center  Avalanche

Hurricane Center  Hurricane

Allstate has compiled a comprehensive disaster help center which pulls together a large collection of catastrophe preparation and recovery resources, into one place. It’s a great resource with lots of useful and educational information, and its most definitely worth linking to.

Allstate Disaster Help Center

FDD Washee photo by A. Higgins

Here's a Great Gift Idea !   

Get both my books in paperback or eBook and see free previews 

Great Gift for dog owners and anybody to be prepared 

Click to go to my author page for these books 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

🐾🐾 "Family Disaster Dogs" 

🐾🐾 Evacuate with Your Dogs Help-Updated Survival List 

Sponsored and Guest Links

Learn about Tornado Preparedness with this Tornado Safety Guide

         Thanks Grace ! from 

Fire Safety for Kids...Sparky the Fire Dog Site
        Thanks Lisa !

Pet Burn Treatment at Burns: First Aid for Pets
        Thanks Lisa !

Keeping Pets safe during hurricanes  Keep pets safe in Hurricanes
        Thanks Amber !

Flood Planning Guide -The Essential Guide to Flood Planning & Preparation
 Thanks Darren

Pet Owner Resource   Pet Resources for Owners
Thanks Jason

Make your home ready 

Stay Ready with the Texas First Choice Power Weather Prep Blog 
Thanks Dylan 

Here is a really great Prepare Yourself for Disaster guide from 
How To Prepare Yourself And Your Community For Natural Disasters
Thanks Heather

Find practical dog care advice, guides and reviews at Practical Paw
Thanks Mike

Read about Puerto Rico's dogs in Hurricane Maria 
Thanks Scott and Good Luck !

Here's some great Preparedness Plans
Thanks Megan!

  1. Flood Preparedness guide - Includes BEFORE, DURING and AFTER tips, also sections for pets and seniors
  2. Water Categories and Water Damage Classifications- Includes the comparison of water damages and waters with comprehensive comparison
  3. Disaster Preparedness Plan - An infographic of different types of disasters
  4. How To Prepare For Natural Disasters - A complete guide for emergency

Here's a great article and resource about Therapy Dogs 
 Thanks Marissa!

For a Dog Heat Stroke Survival Guide go to Puppywire
Thanks Ashley!

For Data Recovery after Disasters

Ontrack's Natural Disaster Data Recovery page will help recent disaster victims save on data-recovery

Water Filters

Big Berkey Water Filters were originally designed for non-potable water sources and emergency/disaster preparedness.

First Aid Supplies

Here's a Great Pet Preparedness Guide 
from Mike's Gear Reviews Click to Check it out

Thanks Mike!

The Prepper Broadcasting Radio Show

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Here's another Great Book 

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster

The Family Disaster Dogs Book is now available in 

Paperback with 50 more pages of lessons 

see the preview below and get yours! 

Only $14.99 and a great gift for dog owners

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