Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Disaster Dogs Updates-Summer 2017

This Site is Undergoing a complete update...

You can still find free dog training lessons on the lesson page & look right here-->>>>>>
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Coming Soon 

1. New Family Disaster Dogs book, eBook and lessons
The New Family Disaster Dogs manual with more lessons and pictures that show you how your family dog can help you in emergencies and disasters. 

The original printed edition of Family Disaster Dogs (Tate Publishing 2015-2016) is no longer available except as a limited edition from the author $9.99 via the contact page.

2. My Puppy Can Find Me - picture books

Three Children picture book series, eBook, lessons 

Teach your children and family dog how to work together during emergencies.
You and your children learn what to do if they are separated from you or lost.
The whole family learns together how any dog can help find family members who are hurt or lost.

3. Have Your Dog Trained by the author 

Send your dog to the author for Family Disaster Dog training tailored to your family's needs. 

 All breeds, size and age welcome ! 

This training course is for the average well mannered pet dog. Your dog does not need to be Obedience trained to learn to be a Family Disaster Dog. 

2 week to 1 month board and train at the author's home includes complete care in comfortable quarters and daily training sessions that teach your pet to carry a bug-out bag, alert you to danger and find missing or lost family members. 

Weekly videos of your dog working with the author and 40 minutes of video conference or in-person instructions at graduation that shows you how to ask your dog to preform these new skills. Each dog brings home a new bug-out bag and Family Disaster Dog certificate.

2 weeks = $850   

1 month = $ 1500.00

More lessons can be added-on and tailored to your needs. 

Obedience and behavior modification (bad behavior solving) is not included but can be added-on at extra cost. ( This will be discussed at registration)

K9 SAR and Bloodhound trailing training to FEMA standards board and train available on request. 

Airport and at home pick-up (in Oregon) available. 
We can make Air Shipping arrangements for you, airfare cost about $600 usa round trip or pet can fly with you or me for $75 each way.

4. Adopt a Family Disaster Dog nationwide

Don't have a dog ?

Would you like a Family Disaster Dog in your house or family ? 

Team up with the author to find and train the perfect dog from a shelter or rescue.

Use the Contact Page from the menu above to:

Reserve a signed book or eBook in advance...
Get the original Family Disaster Dogs print or eBook...
Reserve your dog's stay for board & train...
Team up to rescue a shelter dog
and to request more information !

(sorry to say, there are to many scammers to leave a phone number here, please use the contact form for a quick reply and to sign up)

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Monday, May 15, 2017

My Puppy Can Find Me

Coming soon and it's exciting !

My children's book 'My Puppy Can Find Me" using photos of my former Bloodhounds for the pictures in the books. I can't wait to see the dogs as cartoons, Bloodhounds can be such clouds.

Here's a sneak preview from the back of the book....

Dedicated to Carlos Parker OEM retired

My Puppy Can Find Me
"Does your child know what to do if they are lost? Do you know what to do if they are missing?

My Puppy Can Find Me picture book is your child’s first step on an exciting learning experience that will teach them what to do if they are lost or find themselves alone.

By reading this book with your children, the whole family will learn what to do if they are ever separated or missing and how the family dog can be of assistant during emergencies. Your children will learn valuable lessons by doing these fun exercises that reinforce and teach the pet dog and family to work together during crisis situations."

The book is shaped around three important lessons children who live with family dogs can learn, along with the dog and a parent that show them how to find each other and what the child should do if they ever find themselves lost or alone.

I have taught many children about search dogs. I spent 6 years with my daughter in 4-H, we took the search dogs to 4-H meetings, events and participated in parades. We also went to a couple of schools for demonstrations where I would ask which child wanted to take off a sock they were wearing and hide from a Bloodhound ? You should of seen the hands go up ! It was fun. They would hide and the Bloodhounds would find them. The children learned valuable lessons about what to do if they were ever lost or alone. This book is from those Bloodhound days of slobbers and shy dogs who are most brave.

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