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Dog Training

Dog Training with the Author

Now that my books are published and I have moved back to the Ozark Mountains 
I have time to offer dog training again 
Sign-up below to discuss your dog's education

Includes your choice of 2 books and a certificate of graduation

For those of you who are new to Family Disaster Dogs 
I'm a retired kennel and pet spa owner, professional master groomer (retired)
Certified K9SAR Bloodhound specialty and all breed-Search Dog Volunteer (retired)
30 years producing accomplished dogs and training dogs since 1976
Author since 1992

Personalized Dog Training 4 ways
  • Learn Online
  • Learn via Phone or Video Chat
  • In-person class or workshop 
  • Board and Training Vacation Retreat 
  • Dog Day School (you drop-off and pick-up dog for me to work with, prearranged day/time)  
  • Boarding/daycare without training
Obedience, Problem Solving, Manners, Family Disaster Dog, K9 Search and Rescue Sport or Work-Mantrailing, Area Search 

Call 541-991-0584 or click > to Sign-up by sending me an email 
You will be contacted after sign-up to arrange dates and pay at class

1. Phone Advice and online video chat Dog Training  $35.00 a hour by appointment 

2. Private one-on-one Dog Training In-person 1 hour $95.00 by appointment 

3. Dog Training Workshop $150.00
Work on skills of your choice for 2 or 4 hours 

4. Board and Train $75.00 a night 

5. Daycare or Overnight care no training $25.00 a day

Call or email to discuss your dog staying with me as I only have one or two dog guests at a time so they get all my attention. 

Workshop Info
Instead of the usual weekly Class that covers one skill a week. We meet over a weekend to train and you receive hand-outs for homework to practice at home.  

  • I teach you how-to handle and train your dog several skills instead of 1 skill.  Example, obedience, we work on sit, come, walk nice on lead, lay, stay all in the same day.
  • Workshop is 2 - 4 hours of discussion and instruction to show you how to train at home. 
  • Come once learn the skills you want or come monthly to advance in skills
  • Lodging and camping recommendations available if your visiting from out of the area

See below then Click here to Sign-up by sending me an email with Training as the subject

  • Family Disaster Dogs 
Discussion about Preparing for Disasters and Evacuation with a Dog's Help

You will learn what supplies to have and carry to be prepared for emergencies and teach your dog to help during evacuation. You'll also learn and pack an emergency Go-Bag (Bug-out Bag) with survival items.

Start Training your Dog to Find Missing Family and Friends 
Your dog will be finding a family member at the end of this fun workshop and the whole family will know what to do when disasters strike.

1 of my dog training books included, your choice

  • Obedience and Manners 
Walk Nice on Leash, Come when Called, Sit-Stay, Manners as needed, Heel with Sit, Lay-Stay, Put all Skills Together

  • Mantrailing-Tracking Live People or Animals 
Best for 6 month and older dogs who enjoy following people around and playtime. 

Your dog will be finding people or pets the very first day! 

This is a great fun activity for reactive dogs and those who want to be involved in working Search and Rescue cases or join a sport group for titles. 

Advanced training available to certification level. The dog is worked to find missing persons hours/days later on multiple surfaces in all weather, urban and rural. You learn all aspects of response for actual K9 Search and Rescue work.

  • The Sport of K9 Search and Rescue 
Train for the sport of K9 Search and Rescue which is a new fun activity coming to the USA for all dog breeds. We find hidden people with our dogs and work obstacle courses. Come and train to compete in fun trials and seminars, score points to earn prizes and titles, you can travel to national events and advance to represent the USA overseas. 

The American Rettungshunde Sport Association (ARSA) which is dedicated to the search and rescue sport. It is incorporated as a non-stock (not-for-profit) corporation in the State of Virginia and is a member of the American Working Dog Federation. ARSA operates under the international rules issued jointly by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO).

Here's my online courses at Teachable

Dog Training Virtual Campus-online Courses 
Unlimited Class Size and Lifetime Access 

Sign-up Below

      Learn in the comfort of  your home where emergencies happen !

Click one to Sign-up and Read about Course
 Family Disaster Dogs Course  (Includes Mantrailing)
International Cadaver Dog-HRD Course  (Not the same as USA training for K9SAR )

Online Courses include step by step instructions, pictures, videos and direct access to me

I'm well known for using gentle knowledgeable handling skills and 
positive praise to establish teamwork


      Here's Washee showing off her education.

        Get your dog an education today!


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UK Visitors

Welcome UK visitors to Family Disaster Dogs online! Although I'm an American author and dog professional the worldwide web has given me the opportunity to connect with some wonderful folks who have contributed pictures for my books. The "Start Mantrailing" book features RRI North Scotland Search Dog "Amber" on the cover and her teammates in the book, plus American dogs I know. The children's picture book "My Puppy Can Find Me" has my daughter and bloodhound as illustrations by UK cartoonist Scotty King. You can find the books on Amazon UK or visit my book page above to order from me.

Author Amber Higgins

Author Amber Higgins
Click Pic to Visit my author page

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