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Dog Training

Now everyone can learn to teach their dogs to be a 

Family Disaster Dog

Learn in the comfort of  your home where emergency happen !

I offer several ways to train your dogs 

Learn online  $50.00


2 books and certificate of graduation

click for online course

More courses coming soon


1.  Oct 2018 

Learn with the author of 
"Family Disaster Dogs" and  "My Puppy Can Find Me "
Books, Blogs and Lessons

Teach your dog to rescue you !

to learn more

In Person or via phone video chat classes

 40 years dog training and handling experience

all breed K9 SAR and Bloodhounds

General Pet Advice and Problem Solving

Obedience - Tracking - Manners 

 Dog Breeding 

Newborn Puppy Care

 Professional Grooming - All Breed Clips

Emergency Prepper Skills

Emergency Preparedness with pets

Based on forty years experience raising and producing accomplished dogs

Retired kennel owner, 15 year pet spa owner, professional groomer, certified K9 instructor

I use gentle knowledgeable handling skills and positive reinforcement to establish teamwork

Within 24-48 hours of sign-up
I will contact you directly to set-up the date and time for our class.

Class is held locally on the Oregon coast in your home
or at a beautiful national park
or  Online via video phone chat

Group class discount available
Book signings and public speaking are free at your location
Contact me for info

(sorry I can't post a phone number to much spam)

I'm a certified Obedience to advanced K9 Tactics and Bloodhound Instructor 

I can come to your location and train your dog for you 


 I can teach you how to train or groom your own dogs

We can train one session at a time

We can work out a long-term training plan on the first class to achieve your goals from simple household manners up to FEMA level certification for search dogs 

I use paypal for safety reasons and to protect the funds. 
You do not need to sign-in to paypal or have an account to book a class, all credit or debt cards are directly accepted below. Click the menu below to see the rates per time you would like to spend.

Get Pet Advice
Add your email or phone

Within 24-48 hours, I will contact you to set up the training

Learn how-to teach a dog one or several new skills 

1. Teach any dog to find and rescue your family members or friends

2. Learn all-levels obedience, manners, problem solving, puppies, housebreaking, grooming

3. Train and work all-breeds Search and Rescue Dogs, Bloodhound Mantrailing (K9SAR), Tracking

4. Learn about emergency preparedness, evacuating with pets, how-to pack an emergency supply bag (bug-out bag) and teach any dog to wear a bug-out bag.

5. Learn to properly bath, brush, and trim any breed dog or cat from a pro like a pro! Save money, groom your pets yourself after a class or two with me showing you how-to-do any pet haircut or coat shedding treatment, medicated bath and flea or tick removal and prevention.

6. Get any pet care advice or a reference to the services you need for your pets

Receive a free Family Disaster Dog book with sign-up.

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