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This is where you will find  

Free Dog Training Lessons Based on

The Family Disaster Dog Book by Amber Higgins
(This book was first published under Tate Publishing 2015-2016 who went out of business and left us all hanging. The book will soon be available again summer 2017 on Amazon from the author )
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Coming soon after the children book set
"My Puppy Can Save Me"

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Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham

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Why should we prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

By preparing for the worst
You learn what to do 

With practice your actions become habits
And turn the worst into steps you walk to survive

Fear is replaced with the knowledge of knowing what to do
Confidence is restored

Especially when you have a partner, you can count on…
Like your dog

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ask for the The Family Disaster Dog Book

The Family Disaster Dog book shows you how to train your family dog to rescue you in disasters and emergencies; like floods,earthquakes and tornadoes; how to find a lost family member or friend with your dog and many other skills, along with how to Shelter-in-Place, pack a bug out bag and evacuate.

The lessons are compiled in an easy to read bug-out bag size 96 page paperback  book or as an eBook for your phone,tablet or other devise from Tate Publishing.

Family Disaster Dogs Go-Bags are dog backpacks full of human and pet survival items to bug-out with when emergencies, disasters or evacuation strike.

Thanks for passing this info on and stay safe everyone!

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Missing Persons

Let's Share

Let's enable each family to respond

and do something while waiting for help

during neighborhood emergency and disaster incidents,

extreme weather and terrorist attacks.

Good Luck and Be Safe !