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On the Anniversary of 9/11, 2011

This Family Disaster Dogs Blog

by Amber Higgins

 Began to show you, the public...
How your family dog can come to your aid during a Disaster

About the Author and Founder of Family Disaster Dogs

Wrinkledpups George 
Amber Shawn Higgins, has over 30 years (1976-2008) experience working professionally with dogs as an all breed multipurpose trainer, master all breed stylist, AKC Breeder, veterinary assistant and pet resort manager. 

For about 10 years she specialized in all levels of certified Search and Rescue Dogs (1997-2006) while raising AKC Bloodhounds and German Shepherds.

Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds was home of Distinguished Expert level Mantrailing/Tracking, K9 Tactic certified AKC Bloodhound "Rea Valley’s Incredible Sue" who gained her degree at the early age of 18 months and "Blue Ridge Homer" who was retrained and re-certified for Search and Rescue work at 8 years old after 6 years with law enforcement. 

"Homer" holds a record of 27 finds in Baxter county Arkansas with Lt Ezra Roberts who was Amber's SAR mentor. Homer went on a number of searches with us and retired at 12 years old.

Amber has trained or certified to FEMA standards in Advanced CPR/Rescue Medical Response,Red Cross Disaster Response,Wilderness Survival, Cave Rescue, Urban and Rural Search, Swift Water Rescue with and without dogs. 

Specializing in K9 Tactics at Distinguished Expert level in Multi-Purpose K9 Tactics including all types of detection dogs,bite dogs, Bloodhound Mantrailing/Tracking, All Breed Tracking and Air Scenting. 

A Special Thanks goes out to Ezra Roberts, BCSO and Carlos Parker MCOEM , MCSAR and Rea Valley FD for believing in us.

Amber's Wrinkledpups Bloodhounds were placed in homes with active Search & Rescue members and Sheriff's Departments in several US states, Canada and South America.

Amber currently writes about dogs and shares her home with 2 Family Disaster Dogs; AKC Bloodhound "Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham" and a Terrier Mix "Willie G" both of whom are featured in the lessons on Family Disaster Dogs.

Amber has taught pet owners and all breeds of dogs obedience, personal protection and manners while specializing in problem dogs or traumatized dogs and Search Dogs for 35 years via private and group classes. 

She is available for email, in person consultations and lessons on the Oregon Coast. You can reach her by email.

You can find Amber's books and articles at this link and on "Lifestyle Pet Advisor"tm Wendy Nan Rees blogs A Dog's Voyage Around The World and Lend A Paw for Paws and 


Rea Valley's Incredible Sue
Certified Expert Mantrailer

Free lessons are on the Menu Above

Practice with your family dogs and learn how to save your family, neighbors and friends in a disaster. 

Pictured below 
Amber Higgins working 5 month old Sambo who later went to 
work in SAR with his mate Sam in So.Calif and then Georgia USA 

You and your dog will learn 

How To

Find a Missing Person in rubble, woods or city settings

Prepare for Emergency

Dog Go-Bag and Bug Out Info

Dog Backpacking for Disaster

Other Dog Tricks for Assisting in Emergencies. 

All content on this site is based on the book 

"Family Disaster Dogs"

by Amber Higgins

Available Sept 2015 

With the first of a Children's Book Series 

"My Puppy Can Find Me"
by Amber Higgins

Due out in the late summer 2016

 Washee Thunderfoot Wolf 2016

I am currently working on the 

"Family Survival Dog Book"
by Amber Higgins

Survival Dog Training Includes 
Protection and Security Dog Skills
Military Dog Skills for home and family use

All content is covered by USA copyright and trademark laws.

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