Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Housebreaking Tips

Housebreaking Tips
Always keep teamwork in mind instead of punishment when a new dog is brought home.
One thing that makes sense when you are housebreaking a puppy is to take them outside and stay with them to watch for when the business is done so you are there to show them that they have done the right thing in the right spot.
How does the dog know otherwise unless we show them the place we desire them to do this business at?
 How do they know it pleases us if we do not show them?
If you show the puppy how happy you are by petting and praising them, they will love to do that again for you. They will go to that spot and sit waiting for you to be happy.

And, if they puddle inside, unless you catch him in the act there is little you can do because he will only remember that you got mad, and rubbed his nose in something he didn't want his nose in.
The puppy does not think about what it did when you are mad at it but only of your fearful actions and how to react to the fear.
How do you want the puppy to remember you, his beloved owner, as a happy owner, or mad person?

Sure the dog knows they made you mad at that spot inside if you rub their nose there. They do not want to pee there again and will be aware of that spot. Now, they have to find someplace else to do that business.
You'll find puddles all over the house as you continue putting the puppy outside then shutting the door in its face, only to let the pup come in and do it again because you never showed them where they should go do this business to make you happy. You just kick them out which teaches nothing.
Teaching your puppy or older dog where to go to the bathroom only takes a few very happy moments of praise for the dog to desire to please you again which makes going with the pup and petting them a much quicker way to housebreak a dog.
All you do to housebreak and teach a new dog or puppy to go potty outside is give them the opportunity to go outside at the right moment and praise.

Here are the steps I use.
 First, look at your own household schedule and determine how you will get the puppy outside first thing in the morning and as soon as you or another family member arrives home.
The most important thing to remember is that a dog has to go to the bathroom when they first wake up after a long nap and when you get home which wakes them up or allows them the opportunity not to hold on any longer. They have to go if they have been waiting for you all day while you are at work.
You, the owner, must get into the habit of letting the dog outside on your way to the coffee pot in the morning and as soon as you walk in the door. Otherwise, you are not doing your part of allowing the dog the opportunity to relieve itself.
When you let your puppy outside to go potty the first few times go with the puppy and when the puppy potty’s then praise like this is the best thing in the world for you and them. After a few times of this the puppy will start running to the door to get outside for some love after they go potty.
Now it is up to you, the owner, to see when the puppy goes to the door and shows you it’s time to go outside, if you miss this opportunity then the dog is not to blame.  Do not get mad at the dog, just put them outside and clean up the mess because otherwise they will not understand why you are mad. They do not remember or think about what they have done like people do.
Dogs think about the moment and if you make that time enjoyable then you will have a well mannered dog for life.

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