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Monday, August 15, 2016

Prepare-Snake Free Camp or House

Proven Snake Prevention

by Amber Higgins 

If your situation is snake free....(mine is these days) check out the updates located at the bottom of this post...workshops coming and other good news !

Summer time evacuation and bug-out locations, dog training and camping outdoors could put your family in danger of running into a snake or waking up in the morning to a snake in the tent. 

I used this remedy while living off-the-grid in the Ozark mountains where poisonous snakes are very common. I've had rattlesnakes in kitchen walls, dog kennels, the house ceiling and outhouse plus we had copperheads crawling across the living room floor towards my child ! 

Keep in mind, the ingredients can be harmful to humans, pets and other animals. 

I found that my livestock,dogs and chickens never noticed or were inclined to eat this remedy at all but to be on the safe side use common sense when applying this remedy outdoors and place it hidden or out of sight where snakes like to lurk and sleep but others living beings can't reach it. 

Good spots are under the building and decks, behind the firewood stack, outside of and out of reach around fences and livestock pens, most of all around or in the outhouse hole ! The children knew to leave this remedy alone or we would have snakes.

If I did not do this simple trick each spring we had snakes everywhere ! It worked every time.

Rattlesnakes often run in pairs

One of the most frightening things can be finding a snake in the bug-out camp, home or yard.

Snakes are Dangerous if surprised !!

This simple snake remedy can help to make your home or camp and yard safe and free from snakes.

Depending on how large of home and yard you have...

Buy enough boxes of Old Fashion Moth Balls ( not cedar scented) to surround the area and an extra box or two for snake hiding places.

How to use the Snake Remedy.

Buy Old Fashion Moth Balls.

Do Not get the Cedar scented ones.

Using a handful of Moth Balls toss them so they fall about 6 inches to a foot apart.. this takes a little practice.

Walk and toss them as an invisible fence around your yard and living area.

Toss extra Moth Balls under the house and buildings, behind and into firewood piles

Under equipment that is outdoors and in your area.

Around old cars or other hiding places on your property.

Any place you can think of where there may be a snake, toss a few moth balls.

Don't forget to put moth balls out before you do the yard work in the spring.

Wash your hands when finished.

The Moth Balls last for months depending on how much rain the area gets.

If you find a snake or it rains for many days then its a good idea to replace them.

You can also place the moth balls in cans,bottles or bags and set the container around your camp or bug-out shelter.

The odor and fumes close to the moth balls deters the snakes and other animals too so it does not kill them but because the snake uses its tongue to collect scent and navigate along the ground where the fumes are, the snake senses the moth balls long before it is close enough to be harmed. They turn and go another way which is what we want them to do, go elsewhere. This is why I always throw the moth balls all around the perimeter of  the area to make an invisible fence which keeps the whole area safe.

This has worked for rattlesnakes, copperheads and black snakes. 

Be Safe !


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Thank You for supporting and sharing these sites for me so I can continue to provide search and rescue knowledge and lessons to help you keep yourself and family safe  !

A Family Disaster Dog Bug-Out Bag
Last but not least...

Join me to talk dogs at Lovejoys Teahouse in Florence Oregon on August 27th 2016 for a book signing, meet and greet cup of tea ! Hope to see you there between 1 pm and 3 pm.

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