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Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Has A Bad Appetite

Like humans, dogs too suffer eating disorders, which can be extremely distressing if you are a new pet owner. Generally, dogs are insatiable animals with a healthy appetite for food. And in most cases, they'll feed on basically anything you serve. For this reason, a dog that won't eat raises a lot of concern. There are several reasons for poor appetite in dogs. Knowing what might be the cause for that can help you remedy the situation. So, what are the main reasons why your dog won't eat?


1. Medical Conditions

Poor appetite in dogs is a possible sign of an underlying health issue. Although this may not indicate what the problem is precisely, it's important to watch out for other symptoms.

Conditions and illnesses such as fungal infections, kidney failure, heartworm and lyme disease as well as cancer can cause dogs to avert eating. Not only will it impact on your dog's weight, but also its overall health. Take your dog for a checkup and inform your vet doctor on the symptoms you've noted.

2. Dental problems

If you've ever suffered a toothache then you probably understand how it feels trying to chomp something. Similarly, dogs with dental disease have difficult time eating, dry food in particular. But unlike humans, dogs cannot show pain. Hence the conditions usually go unnoticed.

Common dental issues in dogs include broken teeth, swollen gums, periodontal disease and gingivitis. To know if your dog has a tooth infection, check out for signs such as foul-smelling saliva, the presence of tooth abscess red gums among others.

3. Medication

Although vaccination is vital in managing diseases and ensuring your dog stays healthy, some drugs have undesirable side effects.

One usual side effect is lack of appetite, which is a temporary condition that should wear off after a few hours. If the condition persists, check with your vet for solutions. He or she will recommend effective medications for your furry friend. Be sure to learn more about the medications and their effects. For example, you want to read Advantix for dogs reviews to know other pet owners’ opinions.

4. Quality of food

While dogs occasionally become picky in what they eat, the quality of food they feed on also matter. If your dog is used to eat foods that are rich in protein, serving  it something different can cause them to avert eating altogether.

Go for quality dog food that has the special ingredients your canine is used to. If you are thinking of introducing a different food, feed it in small amounts until it develops a taste for it. Another reason why your dog might be avoiding food it's because the food is spoiled. So, when shopping for pet food, ensure it hasn't spoiled. Foods that have stayed long on the shelf tend to develop a different taste and smell. And dogs easily detect lousy food.

5. Unusual Surroundings and Routine

A new environment can make your dog not to eat. This is because unfamiliar places make dogs feel insecure and develop nervousness, which can hinder them from eating.

In some cases, changing your dog's feeding time or moving their feeding bowl to a different location can make them avert food, at least temporarily. Dogs are sensitive to their surroundings, and they thrive in familiar places. Until a dog feels secure again, that's when they'll eat.

A dog that has stopped eating is like a toddler refusing milk. It's worrisome and stressful to their owners. By noting abnormal signs and seeking expert advice, you can effectively handle the situation and get your dog back to healthy eating habits.

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