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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Owners, Don't Trick Your Dog This Halloween

What’s not to like about getting dressed up and roaming the streets asking for candy? It’s fun for all the family, well, except for the pets in your life. Let’s face it – dogs don’t want to don a funny costume. They don’t want kids knocking on the door all night long. And, they don’t want to be disturbed! Sadly, all this and more will happen come the 31st of October.
So, if you value your dog’s sanity, it’s essential to take precautions. After all, it is the scariest night of the year! Here’s what dog owners need to know come Halloween.
Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Candy
Because candy is full of sugar, and the white stuff will get into the bloodstream and send them wild. You may not have come across a dog hopped up on sugar before, and you don’t want to! They are hyperactive, impossible to control, and easily irritable. There is a more important reason not to let the family pooch loose on the Halloween stash: chocolate. To dogs, chocolate is a poison which plays havoc with their insides. It may not cause them to drop dead like in a Bond film, but it could cause bellyache and flatulence.

They Should See A Vet
Going to a veterinarian seems like overkill, no pun intended. But, Halloween is a special time of year where all rules go out of the window. Instead of everyone in the neighborhood behaving, they make excess noise, scare people, and set off fireworks. It’s akin to something from a novel which describes the apocalypse. What animal lovers don’t know is that these disruptions can set off unknown ailments. For instance, dogs can suffer from epilepsy. Any strong lights will trigger their condition, and by then it’s too late. There is nothing wrong with going for a checkup in Halloween season.
Dogs Shouldn’t Be Outside
On a typical night, it is okay to leave them in their kennel until morning. Dogs are domestic animals, yet certain pooches are perfectly okay outside. Unfortunately, crowds of kids dressed as their favorite superheroes will descend on the backyard. When they do, the noise will startle the dog and cause it distress. Whether it barks like a madman or curls up in a ball, the animal will not enjoy the experience. It is much safer inside where the noise is not as loud and won’t cause the dog stress.
They Should Be Away From The Door
The door will open and close hundreds of times in one night, which is a security flaw. Countless families spend Halloween night searching for their lost pet rather than trick or treating. Also, there is the visual aspect of people entering the house. Dogs are territorial and can turn if they feel threatened or they think the house is in danger. The last thing anyone wants is a small child to get bitten. By keeping the dog away from the door, there shouldn’t be any untoward incidents. Plus, out of sight is out of mind for your pooch.

People love Halloween, but animals are different. For them, they want the holiday to finish as soon as possible.

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