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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Family Disaster Dogs Radio Interview-update

Radio link is updated and hopefully works for everyone :)

In memory of Daisy who helped me write the books 

I was interviewed on Chat & Spin Radio UK on November 29th, 2020

Here's the voice recording of the show. 

Radio Interview

click above link to listen to the interview

you will be taken to a google drive sound file that is secured

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Wrinkledpups "Daisy" Mayham was my current girl's foster mama dog, 

Washee Thunderfoot a Family Disaster Dog

Click the radio recording link above to find out what inspired me to write the books.

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My Puppy Can Find Me  

Chat and Spin Radio!

Here's the link to listen anytime. They put on a great show.

Stay Safe out there!

Wrinkledpups (K9SAR dogs) Arkansas 1996-2013

T.A.'s Kennel - Dallas Tx 1982-1989
Arkansas 1989-1998
Family Disaster Dogs 2011-present

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My Children's Picture Book
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Author Amber Higgins
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