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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Healthy Dogs Don't Feel So Ruff!

We’ve seen the advertisements on the television about dogs that are left behind and neglected; they tug the heartstrings and make you feel like you need to hug your furry friend tighter. The health of your dog is one of the most important issues when owning a pet, as a sick or neglected dog doesn’t just decline in their physical wellbeing, but in their emotional health, too. Training a dog for disasters means an obedient dog in good health. A strong, healthy dog who is obedient is one who can help you in those stormy times! But, how do you keep your dog as healthy as can be?
If you are exploring getting a new dog for your home, then you need to pay attention to how to keep your dog in the best condition you can for a long and happy life. With the following help, you can manage to care for your perfect pup and enjoy a mutual respect with your family member:

Vet Care. Pet insurance – which cannot be stressed enough – is important. The moment you make the decision to own a dog is the moment you should be researching the best veterinary care that you can afford. Vaccines, medicines and any other care needed within the course of a dog’s life needs an expert to help, so you should ensure they have the best care available.

Nutrition. It’s no secret that dogs can get through a lot of food. Making sure you choose a brand of food that is recommended by your vet, as well as healthy pill treats for dogs can keep your dog healthier for longer. The diet your dog has will have a direct impact on their skin, coat, nails and digestive health, so food is an important factor. With plenty of fresh water available, your dog should stay healthy. Keep a watch on your dog’s health and keep consistent over their food intake so that you can note any changes in health.

Exercise. Dogs that stay cooped up often suffer for it physically and so it’s important not to underestimate the amount of exercise your dog needs. It’s not just a case of taking them for a walk and having done with it, as lack of exercise can cause destructive and unruly behaviour. Dogs are not designed to be cooped up inside; they need 1-2 hours per day of solid exercise for their health. Don’t skip it – look at it as that you aren’t just exercising your dog, you’re exercising yourself, too.

Grooming. Teeth, coat and nails are all things to keep an eye on when you have a dog. Plaque and a buildup of tartar can lead to health problems that will cost you more in the long-run than buying oral rinses and dental treats! Monthly nail trims, baths (unless muddy!) and brushing their coats are all ways you can ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy.
Being a good dog owner means more than just a bowl of food in the kitchen. It’s showing your dog love enough so that they feel comfort, happiness and health in your home!

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