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Monday, October 15, 2018

Disaster Preparedness- the Moment the World Turns Upside Down

Are you prepared with your pets and family for the moment of Disaster?

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With hurricanes, floods and fires ravaging the countrysides of both the USA and UK, plus Indonesia and other parts of the world having their share of  weather related events. Its a good time to look at what your family would do in the event of a local disaster.

Disasters come in may forms and are suddenly are upon us or they would not be called disasters.

Most of these events are not in our human control but in Mother Nature's hands. In that moment when disasters hit, we humans have no choice but to attempt to survive. Pray and hold on, run and pray some more or hunker down praying. Each person and pet will do the best they can at that moment.

In that moment, no matter how much forecasters and weather stations have warned us to be ready we really do not know what will happen or what to be ready for until the event is over. Usually within a short time, maybe a few hours or in the daylight when the sun comes will we be able to see what is left in the neighborhood or town we live in. Destruction or a normal day.  

Many storms, tornadoes, fires and floods occur at night often waking people from sleep to find out they have lost the lights or electric. Stumbling around in the dark is no fun when danger is on the doorstep. That is the moment we need to prepare for. 

Evacuation is the last resort to get out of the way and when the authorities announce that it is time to evacuation they mean a serious life changing moment is heading your way and move it..Now ! 

Move over out of the way or get hit full force. 

When we chose not to evacuate we are choosing to face the moment of impact, just like letting somebody punch us in the face with our hands tied behind our back because we cannot fight Mother Nature. We cannot punch a tornado or stand up to a hurricane and the best thing to do is duck the punch. Sidestep and get out of the way.

Ready to go with our belongings copyright A.Higgins

What will you do? 

Leave us a comment and share your plan for that moment when the world turns upside down and the lights go out. Somebody may learn something from you that can save a life. 

If you would not evacuate, why not?

Read more about what you can do click the page links below for more articles from Family Disaster Dogs.

See the list of survival supplies a family and pets need to evacuate and live for three days waiting for help to arrive if your home is destroyed.

Learn how your pet dogs can find you and friends or family members who are missing after disasters or wandered from home.  

Emergency Links to Organizations and site about preparing and the aftermath.

Books Recommended Reading

Teach you dog to fetch items by name, find the car keys, bring the first aid kit and get water bottle if you are hurt !

Free lessons show you what to do and to teach your dogs what to do to help you in disasters


Available as a eBook too

A.Higgins copyright

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