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Dog Bug-out Go-Bag List

Dog Bug-Out Go-Bag List
Evacuate with your Dog and Pets

Willie ready to bug-out

Hi everyone, 

For those of you who haven't heard of a Bug-out bag, it is a carry bag, backpack or in a dog's case, saddlebag that you pack with emergency survival gear to last a certain amount of time, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours. 

It's also called a go-bag, ready pack, grab-bag or 72 hour pack and it is meant to be hold what you need to survive in the event of a disaster or emergency or if you are away from basic needs for extended amounts of time. The basic needs to survive are food, water, first aid but other items can make the journey or stay much more enjoyable or productive and safe. 

Such as a simple fish hook and line can feed you for days and long after the food in the Bug-out bag runs out. 

While doing search and rescue work we were required to carry at all times a 72 hour backpack or pack no matter what we were engaged in or how many other people were with us, we each had to be able to take care of and provide for ourselves.

In an actually disaster or emergency, you will too, each of will have to take care of ourselves for a little while until help arrives. This can be minutes or days depending on the situation and location.

This go-bag or bug-out list is made up from items I actually used during search incidents and also includes what is recommended by FEMA and other agencies. 

Each person and pet should have a bag of it's own.

One of the first things I realized when I started writing the family disaster dog lessons was that most dogs could carry some of our survival gear or extra first aid supplies or food along with their own pet supplies. 

Then I wondered why didn't somebody else think of this :) Why didn't my Bloodhound carry my 72 hour bag way back then, oh the backache I could of saved myself today. I actually fitted Daisy and Willie up with bags as we wrote the first article and they both loved being so much help, they got excited and wanted to wear the bags everywhere. 

Daisy pictured below was a big girl, she even had a frying pan hanging for us to cook supper with. She was 12 years old and Willie was older when he started bug-out bagging, we had fun with it.

When I looked online, I found out that all of the dog or pet bug-out bags (emergency survival bag) recommendations or lists follow a general rule of suggestions that usually contain only basic pet items and not many people had thought of including the dog owners emergency preparedness items in a dog saddlebag, along with the dog's food for disaster or evacuation purposes. I did find a few campers and hikers that use dogs for carrying items but no specific dog bug-out bag for people. Which is my idea if anybody wants to produce them, let me know, I'm working on putting them together and if you do not wish to make your own, I can also put one together for you at cost of items and shipping. email me 

I do sell packed family disaster dog bags at events I is Dumpster dog getting one..

He's new bag is still being adjusted when this picture was taken

I thought this was a great idea because the dog can be included in being prepared for an emergency and instead of us trying to save the dog during a flood or tornado, the dog is helping us save the family or ourselves. 

Teach just one of family disaster dog training lessons to any dog and it may save a life, the dog doesn't need to learn them all plus this concept of having the dog rescue us does not leave the dog out of disaster planning where the dog ends up lost or left behind or in a shelter. 

The dog has a purpose to stay with the family and help too. Why not use the dog's natural age old assistance they are always willing and ready to give us. 

Everyone I talk to agrees that the dog carrying the bag is a great helpful idea, and we think, our dogs are proud to carry extra things we might need. Then they have a job instead of being scared and in distress. You can teach them to get the saddlebags and bring them to you, this is not hard to do. I have the lesson up on the lesson page above in the menu bar, you'll find the link.

Also, I have a lesson that teaches how your dog can wake you and family members in an emergency or when tornado or storm sirens go off. You can send the dog to wake the children while you get the car ready and a well planned family could have a dog that helped load the car by bringing the children and gear to the car then all you do is open the doors.

The dog carrying a backpack can save valuable time and energy, this could be especially helpful for families with young children who can't carry much weight over long foot travel or an elderly person who can't carry much. Other people would have to carry twice the load in that case, if there isn't a dog to help with the load.

I think it’s a good idea to evaluate this list based on your own experience, location and then add items to it that might be useful for you and your families environment.  

This list is not large because it is meant to be lightweight and take up less space so you and your dog can carry food, water and a change of clothes in your backpacks. You may have to travel several miles on foot and the weight of a backpack can become a critical aspect when you have a long way to walk. 

The 72 hour Go-Bag or Ready Bag that is recommended by FEMA and emergency management directors worldwide is designed for you to carry so you can walk to a safe location and survive for 3 days.

Unless you have a very small dog or pet, such as a bird, don’t worry about having a dog crate to evacuate with unless you want to drag it along with you as you walk. A crate is important if once you get to your bug out place or safe house. It is a good idea to have a crate waiting for you at your evacuation destination. 

A leash is more important to have on your person, along with basic obedience training for your dog in case a leash is not available.

A pillow case is handy to hold cats or other small mammals during extremely frightening times because the animal cannot see what is going on, they can breath and the material is comforting like a nest.

Birds can be slipped into a sock with the head out of a hole or gently covered so they do not see and get upset. Most animals can become very scared when people get excited or traumatized. It is safer to crate them or put them in a quite area away from the excitement, if at all possible.

If left on their own, most animals will seek shelter and come out after the excitement calms down and they will stay close to home unless they are scared away, and then most will return to a familiar location in a day or two.

Family Disaster Dog Bag ( basic)

See more pictures and a photo shoot of my dogs bags by internationally known award winning photographer Allison Steward who has a Bug-out Bag Project
and put your own together
at the new HOME SITE

look under store page 

Animal Rescue Shelters Recommendations
If you must leave your pets behind 

Inform animal rescue workers of your pets’ status by Writing On your front door or in a highly visible window, use chalk, paint or marker to write the number and types of pets in your residence. Include their location in your home and the date that you evacuated. 

Leave plenty of water in a large, open container that cannot be tipped over.

Leave plenty of food in timed feeders to prevent your pet from overeating.

Do not tie up your pet in your home.

If you have any ideas you would like to share with others, please do in the comment section below.

Dog or Pet 72 hour Ready Bag

Dog Go-Bag and People Bug-Out Bag..........List of Items Needed

The Blue print are my recommendations. The black print is the usual list everyone tells us

These items are usually suggested by others for you to carry in your bug-out bag for your dog and with your own things, not on your dog and in it's backpack/saddlebags because nobody thought of it before now,,,

A current color photograph of you and your pet together (in case you are separated)

Food, water – 3-day supply for each pet and person (Tie water bottles on outside of packs and use dehydrated breakfast, dinners, snacks and dog food)

Bowls -with lids, you can pack small items in these to fit in the space of dog backpack, can be used as cups too

Collar and leash -for dogs and cats too

Muzzle ( This is in case the dog is hurt and snapping from pain or fear)

Poop Scoop Baggies

Treats, toy

Blanket, towel, or newspaper for warmth

ID tag should always be on pet

Extra name tag

License number

Pet carrier or crate for each pet labeled with pet and owner’s information (keep near your bag).

Contact Lists Should be

Place in Pet’s backpack or rescue coat

Be aware that some shelters will only allow service animals. In a large-scale disaster, animal shelters will be set up when possible. Many of these facilities will be closed to the public in order to be able to deal with the rescues going in through other channels. The case load will be to large to take care of everyone which is why people should learn all they can about surviving without help.

1. Name, address and phone number of veterinarian, animal control and shelters in the  area. 

2. People to contact to take care of the animal 

This is a good idea if you are in a situation away from home so your animal can be taken care of. 

3. Be sure you leave a note with a friend about your pet being left at a kennel or day care in case something happens to you so they can get your pet. Kennels or day care facilities are often left with abandon dogs whose owners have disappeared.

If you are in a disaster, unless you have direct contact to a person, do not count on anybody to be able to help you because they might be in the same situation and need help themselves.

4. Vaccination and medical records

5. Allergy or other special instructions

Most first Aid Kits Recommend These Items

Scissors-other pocket knife
Gauze pads
Instant cold pack (to big to carry-cold mud works in a pinch)
Adhesive tape
Antiseptic cream
Eye drops

Family Disaster Dogs recommends adding 
these items to your dog’s Go-Bag or Bug Out Bag

compass and a map of your area

A Scent Article from each family member packed individually and secured in a plastic bag. Even if your dog is not trained they can be given a scent and they will seek the scent if you pay close attention you can read the dog, for instance, the nose may point in the person's direction while the dog remains sitting.

A couple of small flashlights with extra batteries or another light source

Water Purification Tablets

12 Hour Emergency Bright Sticks

16 Hour Hand Warmer

2 Mylar Emergency Blanket

Extra Collar & Leash Set

Reflective Dog Vest

Rain Coat and Boots will give your dog some protection

in a nuclear fall out as will a full

Body rain suit for your self-extra shoes can hang on outside of bag

Tie-Out leash or chain 10-15 ft long

Powder Gatorade or electrolytes

Large Tea Bags (stops bleeding on dog or you, wet tea bag -hold on wound)

Candles and matches in a waterproof baggie.

Fire-starter (can buy in hunting section of stores)

Silverware, cup and bowl for yourself

Toothbrush, hair brush and personal items to make yourself feel better, a favorite picture, toy or blanket,food item or comfort item always helps too

A book to read, like the family disaster dog book which is made to fit in a Bug-out bag

Nutri-Cal is Concentrated Dog Food source used for sick animals that cannot eat. 1 teaspoon per 10 lbs body weight will keep your dog alive after you run out of dog food. This is a good standby to have.

Bandanna or scarf for muzzling, bandaging or using to hold your dog if you lose your other equipment. This should be hung on your dog’s pack as a flag for visibility by you at night. A bandanna is one of my favorite pieces of equipment because of their many uses. 

Plastic baggies to waterproof everything in the backpack. All of these items can be rolled or folded small to fit.

A couple of large garbage bags have many uses, as a tent, a rain coat, a sleeping bag or to carry items you find to eat.

A small waterproof container that can hold 10 Q-tips, a few cotton balls, matches, a foot or two of small twine, a razor blade, needle and thread.

Your dog should carry a couple days of food and water for you also, along with a small first aid kit in addition to what you carry in your own bug-out bag survival backpack in case one bag is lost.

There are many great brands of lightweight dehydrated human and pet food in the hunting section of large retailers, like Walmart or online or help support this site and visit our amazon store at the home site.

Extra light weight clothing can be hung over the dog's backpack in a plastic garbage bag to stay clean and dry.

Thanks for reading and I hope none of you ever have to Bug-out! 


Coming soon a children's book that shows your child how to ask your dog for help to find you and what a child is to when lost ! 

Look for "My Puppy Can Find Me" by Amber Higgins soon or sign up for the newsletter at the links.

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The Purpose of the Wrinkles on a Bloodhound

The Purpose of the Wrinkles on a Bloodhound

Many Bloodhounds are very reserved, wary and what can appear shy to people who don't know them and the dogs may react in strange surroundings by bolting away from what has suddenly drawn its attention. The dogs will often spook at loud noises and flashes of objects or movement. Not all Bloodhounds do this but many do and it's actually nothing to do with being shy or scared it’s more about being smart and savvy.

I learned this first hand from Incredible Sue, who would not let anybody touch her unless she had found them in work or lived with them and I for at least six months. She would follow and find anybody and proved to be incredible in many ways.

"Rea Valley's Incredible Sue" My first Bloodhound 1996-2006
Born in Indiana, raised and worked in Arkansas, retired in Oregon

They will look afraid to us when most of them aren't, the dogs are only getting the bearings on their surroundings and using their senses to figure out what the noise was or flash of movement under a ton of wrinkles and loose skin in the way.

Good trailing Bloodhounds can be very wary and shy of new things because they are always ready to work a scent so they pay attention to nothing but the nose, if the nose is down the eyes are covered by wrinkles and folds of skin that capture and trap scent around the dog's face and nose as the dog moves the ears flap moving, fanning the air with the scent up from the ground into the wrinkled face making the dog the excellent, one and only breed to be able to do this, the Bloodhound.  

 Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham

Sambo 1999

Monday, August 15, 2016

Prepare-Snake Free Camp or House

Proven Snake Prevention

by Amber Higgins 

If your situation is snake free....(mine is these days) check out the updates located at the bottom of this post...workshops coming and other good news !

Summer time evacuation and bug-out locations, dog training and camping outdoors could put your family in danger of running into a snake or waking up in the morning to a snake in the tent. 

I used this remedy while living off-the-grid in the Ozark mountains where poisonous snakes are very common. I've had rattlesnakes in kitchen walls, dog kennels, the house ceiling and outhouse plus we had copperheads crawling across the living room floor towards my child ! 

Keep in mind, the ingredients can be harmful to humans, pets and other animals. 

I found that my livestock,dogs and chickens never noticed or were inclined to eat this remedy at all but to be on the safe side use common sense when applying this remedy outdoors and place it hidden or out of sight where snakes like to lurk and sleep but others living beings can't reach it. 

Good spots are under the building and decks, behind the firewood stack, outside of and out of reach around fences and livestock pens, most of all around or in the outhouse hole ! The children knew to leave this remedy alone or we would have snakes.

If I did not do this simple trick each spring we had snakes everywhere ! It worked every time.

Rattlesnakes often run in pairs

One of the most frightening things can be finding a snake in the bug-out camp, home or yard.

Snakes are Dangerous if surprised !!

This simple snake remedy can help to make your home or camp and yard safe and free from snakes.

Depending on how large of home and yard you have...

Buy enough boxes of Old Fashion Moth Balls ( not cedar scented) to surround the area and an extra box or two for snake hiding places.

How to use the Snake Remedy.

Buy Old Fashion Moth Balls.

Do Not get the Cedar scented ones.

Using a handful of Moth Balls toss them so they fall about 6 inches to a foot apart.. this takes a little practice.

Walk and toss them as an invisible fence around your yard and living area.

Toss extra Moth Balls under the house and buildings, behind and into firewood piles

Under equipment that is outdoors and in your area.

Around old cars or other hiding places on your property.

Any place you can think of where there may be a snake, toss a few moth balls.

Don't forget to put moth balls out before you do the yard work in the spring.

Wash your hands when finished.

The Moth Balls last for months depending on how much rain the area gets.

If you find a snake or it rains for many days then its a good idea to replace them.

You can also place the moth balls in cans,bottles or bags and set the container around your camp or bug-out shelter.

The odor and fumes close to the moth balls deters the snakes and other animals too so it does not kill them but because the snake uses its tongue to collect scent and navigate along the ground where the fumes are, the snake senses the moth balls long before it is close enough to be harmed. They turn and go another way which is what we want them to do, go elsewhere. This is why I always throw the moth balls all around the perimeter of  the area to make an invisible fence which keeps the whole area safe.

This has worked for rattlesnakes, copperheads and black snakes. 

Be Safe !


Coming Soon "My Puppy Can Find Me " children's picture book ! 

My soon to be released book teaches your children and your dogs how to work with you so nobody is ever separated, lost or missing plus what to do if the child is lost. 

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The book fits perfect in a Bug-out bag and in the Family Disaster Dog Saddlebags so you can read it or use it when you need it the most ! 

That cute little guy is named Dumpster, he came with his owner John to the Family Disaster Dog book signing at the library. He enjoyed trying on and showing off his new bug-out bag ! we still had adjusting to do when this pic was taken.

I was thinking of offering The Family Disaster Dog Go-Bags here on the site and hand packing them with you,your dog and your families survival needs but I think it would be easier for both of us if I give you the opportunity to shop for yourself and choose what you will need in your area or situation along with the items recommended in a  my Bug-Out Bag or 72 Hour Survival Kit list for you and your dog.

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Thank You for supporting and sharing these sites for me so I can continue to provide search and rescue knowledge and lessons to help you keep yourself and family safe  !

A Family Disaster Dog Bug-Out Bag
Last but not least...

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Your Invited -Let's talk dogs !

Tate Publishing and Enterprises
The Lord gave the Word; great was the company of those that published it.”
-Psalm 68:11

Family Disaster Dogs Book Signing Event

You are invited to attend a book signing for author
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August 27 2016 at 1pm-3pm
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Please join Amber Higgins for this special event.
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We hope to see you there!

Copies available in Florence at Lovejoys Tea Room, Reining Cats & Dogs, Twin Lakes Store. 

For more information, feel free to call 541-991-0584 or Visit Tate Publishing or 

Coming Soon "My Puppy Can Find Me " children's picture book ! 

Amber Higgins soon to be released book teaches your children and your dogs how to work with you so nobody is ever separated, lost or missing plus what to do if the child is lost. 

The book fits perfect in a Bug-out bag and in the Family Disaster Dog Bug-Out Bag so you can read it or use it when you need it the most ! 

I was thinking of offering The Family Disaster Dog Go-Bags here on the site and hand packing them with you,your dog and your families survival needs but I think it would be easier for both of us if I give you the opportunity to shop for yourself and choose what you will need in your area or situation along with the items recommended in a  my Bug-Out Bag or 72 Hour Survival Kit list for you and your dog.

Shop for your preparedness needs at the new Family Disaster Dogs home site and amazon store by clicking here   

Thank You for supporting and sharing these sites so I can continue to provide search and rescue knowledge and lessons to help you keep yourself and family safe  !  


Family Disaster Dog Bug-Out Bag

Missing Persons