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Lesson Links for Family Disaster Dogs

Family Disaster Dogs 
was formed
 to show you, the public...

How your family dog can come to 

your aid during a Disaster.

Every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends. 

Dogs do this on their own everyday without us noticing.

Listed below are links to dog training lessons 
that have been posted here since 2010. 

These lessons are here so you can practice with your family pet 
and learn how to save your family, neighbors and friends in a disaster.

These lessons are free for you to read, print and share with friends. 
(please do)

You and your dog will learn 

How To

Survive with your Dog's Help

Find a Missing Person in rubble, woods or city settings

Prepare for Emergency

Dog Backpacking for Disaster

Dog Tracking 

Messenger Dogs Skills

A family Disaster Dog 

is a 

Survival Dog

Other Dog Tricks for Assisting in Emergencies. 

Family Disaster Dog Chloe-Anastasia's Girl  
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Read why Training your dog is important on the Disaster page

Equipment needed page click here

Glossary and Terms of Words Used to Train Search Dogs Here

Learn about Scent Article on this Page

Contact Us Page

  Family Disaster Dogs  


What is a Family Disaster Dog ?..It's Your Dog Helping You! 

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Lesson 4:  "Find it!" 

Lesson 5: How to use a Tracking Leash part 1

Lesson 6: More Leash Work  part 2

Lesson 7: Tracking Leash part 3

Lesson 11:  Scent Behavior

Lesson 12:  How to Read a Dog

Lesson 13:  How to Train your dog to do a Building Search

Lesson 14:  Train your dog to do an  Air Scent and Area Search

Lesson 15: How your dog will be  Indicating and Alerting a Found person

Lesson 18:  How to use a leash

Lesson 24:  Learn Area Search Basics

Lesson 25: How to do Area Search Training

Lesson 26: How to do Cadaver Dog Training

Lesson 27: How a dog can Alert to Danger

Part 1: Teaching your dog to alert you to danger  Part 1 Alert to Danger

Part 2: Teach your dog Part 2 Alert to Danger 

Lesson 28:  Dog learns how to come back to you after they find somebody or thing Teaching Refind or Return to Handler

Lesson 29: Your dog brings you items you need Retrieve and Go-Get Object 

Lesson 30: Dog learns item by name to bring you Retrieve Object by Name

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Let's enable each family to respond

and do something while waiting for help

during neighborhood emergency and disaster incidents,

extreme weather and terrorist attacks.

Good Luck and Be Safe !

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